• Core Courses for Bachelor of Science in Insurance & Risk Management - Adult & Continuing Education Format

    IRM 210 – Fundamentals of Insurance and Risk Management

    This course introduces you to risk management frameworks, standards and processes. You will study risk identification and control techniques, and insurable loss exposure. An emphasis is placed on the basic structure of insurance policies and the benefits of insurance in personal and commercial risk reduction.

    IRM 220 – Operations and Management of Insurance Companies

    In IRM 220, you will examine the organization of insurance entities, including underwriting, actuarial, claim, reinsurance, audit, markets and distribution, as well as how market and regulatory conditions influence organizational structure, processes and functions. We also will discuss insurers’ goals and strategies.

    IRM 301 – Personal Property-Casualty Insurance and Risk Management

    You will study personal property and casualty insurance policies and their role in personal risk management and financial planning. You also will analyze property and liability exposures for individuals and families, provisions of personal auto and homeowners policies, compensation approaches, and regulation of property and casualty insurance providers. Prerequisite: IRM 210

    IRM 303 – Project Management

    In IRM 303, you will learn the basic foundation, framework and key components of project management. We will cover methods for managing project scope, cost, evaluation and review, and communication. We also will examine the role of effective project management in the overall risk management strategies of various organizations. Prerequisite: IRM 210

    IRM 350 – Life and Health Insurance

    You will study the provisions, coverage and regulation of life insurance and annuity contracts as well as individual and group health insurance products. We will discuss Social Security and the key challenges and features of disability income and long-term care, and examine these policies as part of an overall plan to manage risk by individuals and businesses. Prerequisite: IRM 210

    IRM 401 – Commercial Property-Casualty Insurance and Risk Management

    This course takes a comprehensive look at the role of commercial insurance in risk management, and covers the provisions, coverage conditions and regulation of commercial property and liability insurance. We will discuss commercial risk exposures and strategies necessary to manage overall business risk while utilizing various insurance products. Prerequisite: IRM 210

    IRM 497 – Internship in Insurance and Risk Management

    You will gain hands-on experience as you complete 120 hours of field placement with an insurance company, agency or other insurance-related entity. The practicum placement must be approved by your faculty advisor. Prerequisites: At least nine credits of IRM courses and junior standing.