A Certificate in Accounting provides students without a degree in the field of accounting or students with little to no college experience with the opportunity to develop and enrich their accounting skills.

    For those students who already hold a Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university, you will receive the opportunity to complete the requirements to sit for the Certified Public Accountant (CPA) exam by fulfilling both the 150 semester hour requirement and the 30 semester hours of accounting required.*


    Course Title  Semester Hours 
    ACT 210L - Accounting for Financial Decision Making 3-6 Weeks
    ACT 220L - Accounting for Managerial Decision Making 3-6 Weeks
    ACT 310L - Intermediate Accounting I 3-8 Weeks
    ACT 320L - Intermediate Accounting II 3-8 Weeks
    ACT 340L - Cost Accounting 3-8 Weeks
    ACT 421L - Individual Taxation 3-8 Weeks
    ACT 422L - Business Tax and Research 3-8 Weeks
    ACT 430L - Auditing Assurance Services 3-8 Weeks
    ACT 410L - Accounting Information Systems  3-6 Weeks
    ACT 440L - Advanced Accounting 3-8 Weeks
    Total Credit Hours to Complete  30 

    Admission Requirements  

    Fulfilling my CPA Exam qualifications  


    • AICPA 2011 Competition ODU’s team “Forensic Four” in the top 10 – only College or University in Ohio in top ten.
    • AICPA 2010 Competition two ODU teams in the top 10 – teams "Greening the GAAP" and "The Green Assets" only College or university in the U.S. with two teams in top 10.
    • AICPA 2010 Competition ODU’s team "The Green Assets" finishes third in the nation.
    • AGA 2011 – ODU Graduate team finished second in AGA First Annual Graduate Case Challenge.
    • AGA 2010 Undergraduate Case Challenge Champions - First Place AGA National Undergraduate Case Challenge.
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