• Kathy Wilson, MBA

    Director of Enrollment

    (614) 251-4725

    "The best part of my job is simple. I get to watch and encourage students as they take the first steps in changing their and their families lives.  As an Enrollment Counselor, student, and now the Director of Enrollment I have seen first hand the power of education. Every student has been slightly different in their goals and reasons for wanting to continue their education, but one thing is the same, their drive to complete their degree.  The most amazing thing to me is watching a student who comes to their first meeting completely nervous and unsure that they have the ability to be a student at ODU, and not only do they become a student, they become a graduate.  

    One of my most memorable students came to ODU after many years of trying to complete her degree, but never quite having found a program that worked for her busy work and life schedule.  She was a single mom and needed a program that would allow her to continue providing for her family while also attending classes.  She was really nervous but our staff was there every step of the way to answer her questions and prepare her for classes.  She is now a few years into the program and while it hasn't been easy, she is moving forward and is on track to graduate.  I look forward to cheering her on at graduation.   

    I have a passion for ODU and our students and I welcome any and all questions as to how you can take your first steps in completing your degree."   

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