• Charnise Eaves

    Class of 2016
    Major: Psychology
    Hometown: Oklahoma City, OK

    Charnise EavesMy cousin graduated from Ohio Dominican, and we'd come up here every year for vacation with family in the area.When I was a senior, my family encouraged me to apply here.

    My family visited with me and we loved it. I sat in on classes, stayed in the dorms and fell in love with the school. My mom felt really comfortable with me coming so far from home. She thought ODU would take care of me, and it helped I had family here. 

    Finances were a big factor. We filed the FAFSA late, but we called the Financial Aid office and everything worked out well. So my advice to a student coming here would be to start early and do your research. 

    Apply for scholarships – the private scholarships helped me a lot. I got grants from ODU and federal loans. I also got a scholarship for my first year from my middle school. 

    ODU offered the best financial aid package and made it possible for me to come here. I also take advantage of Work Study. I work in Student Development, and I also serve as a mentor for Stepping Stones.

    I have a lot of friends here that I consider family. I tell my friends in Oklahoma that ODU is a perfectly sized school. 

    I feel a warm sense of community here, which is important; when you come from so far away, you want to feel like you are at home, and I feel that here.