• Resources

    ODU provides the resources and tools you need to succeed in your first year and beyond. If you can't find what you need, just ask!

    During your time at Ohio Dominican, you will work harder and achieve more than you ever thought possible. And we will support you every step of the way so you can reach your academic, professional and personal goals.

    Road Map to Success

    Ohio Dominican has developed a Four-Year Student Planner to help guide you through what you need to do to be successful. The plan covers the best ways to connect with the ODU community during, leadership, service and internship opportunities, spiritual growth and more.

    Internships, Jobs & Career Development

    ODU can help students in every year find work-study jobs and other on- and off-campus employment.

    Questions?  Emergency Situation?  Need to Vent?

    What if I can't afford a textbook? How do I get a bus pass? Help, I'm feeling overwhelmed!

    If you have any questions or just need someone to listen, contact:

    Sharon Reed, (614) 251-4593
    Dean of Student Life
    Jessica Hall, (614) 251-4666
    Coordinator of First Year Programs