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    Ohio Dominican University has a variety of alumni groups that work throughout the year to help plan events such as Homecoming, campaigns, receptions and reunions.

    Alumni Association Council

    Alumni Association 2012 

    The alumni association council is comprised of 30 alumni from different graduation years and cities across the country. The council provides help, advice and support to the alumni office. The council also “brainstorms” ways to encourage and provide continued relationships with the college and other alumni. Members are involved throughout the year in specific areas such as those listed above.


    2013-2014 Alumni Association Members


    Double Dominicans  

    Double Dominicans Share Love and their Alma Mater

    The Greek playwright Sophocles wrote "One word frees us of all the weight and pain of life: That word is love." Ohio Dominican has always been a place where the truth of this ancient Greek wisdom is all around. As a place with its roots in the Catholic tradition, love abounds on Sunbury Road. The love of Christ that permeates our mission and our daily lives leads to love of neighbor and the love of knowledge that is expressed in our motto: "To contemplate truth and share with others the fruits of this contemplation."

    This special quality of Ohio Dominican probably helps explain why so many who came here drawn by a love of knowledge ended up finding that other kind of love that has inspired the poets through the centuries.

    For some, they were college sweethearts. For others, they didn't meet until after graduation, but in the end, they found themselves living happily ever after - as Double Dominicans... 


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