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    Find your passion at ODU outside the classroom as well as inside. Join one or more of our many student-run clubs and organizations!

    Don't see something on this list? Grab a few friends and start your own group! Just contact the Center for Student Involvement for guidance.  

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    Academic Organizations

    Delta Sigma Pi

    Delta Sigma Pi is a professional fraternity organized to foster the study of business in universities; to encourage scholarship, social activity and the association of students for their mutual advancement by research and practice; to promote closer affiliation between the commercial world and students of commerce, and to further a higher standard of commercial ethics and culture and the civic and commercial welfare of the community. Email: deltasig@ohiodominican.edu 

    Economics Club

    The Economics Club is an organization for students interested in exploring economic issues that impact households, communities, and society. The club plans and organizes on-campus economic seminars, student attendance at economic conferences, and participation at local and regional economic events. It serves to provide connections between students, external organizations, and mentors in order to advance students' academic, professional, and career interests.

    Future Accounting Professionals

    Future Accounting Professionals is fostered for students to increase knowledge of accounting theories and current practices while promoting social interaction with business professionals in the community as well as create a closer accounting community on campus.

    Kappa Delta Pi

    Kappa Delta Pi is an international honor society in education. The purpose of the organization is to connect future educators with each other and other education advocates. KDP strives to reach out to the community through education by volunteering, fundraising, and organizing events.

    Student Investment Club 

    The ODU Investment Club exists to further its members' knowledge of the various investment methods and strategies in a diverse and conductive club environment. It seeks to engage members in intellectual discourse via presentations, panel discussions, guest speakers, and other mediums while fostering a positive social environment for networking and fun.

    Physician Assistant Students 

    The Student Academy of the American Academy of Physician Assistants (SAAAPA) is a branch of the American Academy of Physician Assistants (AAPA). Each accredited PA program may form a student chapter to regularly discuss health care issues, the PA profession and perform community service projects.

    Ohio Student Education Association

    Ohio Student Education Association (OSEA) is a pre-professional organization of undergraduate and graduate students preparing for careers in education. Students are part of the Ohio Education Association, an educational professional organization representing over 128,000 members in the state. The Association actively supports public education reform and teacher licensure.

    Phi Alpha

    Phi Alpha Honor Society, Rho Delta, promotes scholastic achievement among Social Work undergraduate students. Phi Alpha works to further the goals of Social Work in the community.

    Public Relations Student Society of America

    The purpose of the Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA) is to cultivate a favorable and mutually advantageous relationship between students and professional public relations practitioners. PRSSA's mission is to serve our members by enhancing their knowledge of public relations and providing access to professional development opportunities. Email: prssa@ohiodominican.edu  

    Sigma Tau Delta

    Sigma Tau Delta is an international honors society for students in English and Integrated Language Arts. Members have opportunities to participate in a variety of activities, such as movie nights, the annual Scrabble tournament, and more. Sigma Tau Delta is also primarily responsible for the publication of Gesture, Ohio Dominican's literary journal. Email: sigmataudelta@ohiodominican.edu  

    Social Work Action Team

    The Social Work Action Team is dedicated to community service and the integration of educational skills, while using applied learning and networking skills, and to uphold the ethical values of the National Association of Social Workers 


    Sport Management Society

    The Sport Management Society provides a variety of opportunities for group activities, guest speakers, field trips, professional development, and event planning. The society also provides information about graduate school programs, sport management conferences, and off-campus speakers. Email: sms@ohiodominican.edu  

    St. Albert's Society

    The St. Albert's Society encourages all ODU community members to expand and enhance their science knowledge by providing educational speakers and trips to Ohio exhibits and attractions as well as providing information about professional science degrees.

    TESOL Graduate Student Organization

    The TESOL Graduate Student Organization provides opportunities for social activities, academic support, and professional development in the field of Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages. In addition, the TESOL GSO maintains The TESOL Compass, a blog for students to share their expertise and learn about various aspects of the program and the field. Read blog. 

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    Media Organizations


    The student-run campus radio station is located in Panther Plaza. This organization provides radio broadcasting and DJ service for campus events. Anyone interested in radio broadcasting or music is encouraged to join this group. RadiODU webpage. Email: radiodu@ohiodominican.edu   

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    Multicultural Organizations

    Black Student Union

    The Black Student Union at Ohio Dominican University is a multicultural organization where all students are welcome. This organization allows students the opportunity to meet members of the community and receive information about future plans and goals as it relates to the minority population. The BSU seeks to help students foster a sense of cultural pride and academic success among minority students by providing a variety of special interest, social, and educational programs. Email: blackstudentunion@ohiodominican.edu  

    World Student Club

    The World Student Club is an organization which provides support to students of diverse backgrounds. Being international students ourselves, we understand that getting accustomed to another culture can be a real challenge, therefore, our main goal is to help international students as they adjust to their new life in the U.S. It strengthens relationships between students from all over the world. The organization welcomes every student who is interested in learning more about foreign countries. Facebook page.

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    Performance Organizations


    ODU offers students the opportunity to participate in a variety of performing ensembles, music courses, music lessons, and a music minor that allow our students to remain active and excel in music at the collegiate level. Band webpage.  


    University Chorus is a mixed choral group providing study and experience of a variety of choral literature. The chorus sponsors and participates in many special events of the University. Through active participation in University Chorus, students can earn academic credit. Additional information can be obtained from the Division of Arts & Letters. Chorus webpage.

    The Finales

    The purpose of The Finales is to bring a diverse arrangement of some of our favorite songs. We will learn how to grow as a performing group and how to utilize everyone’s talent to create a beautiful and unified sound. In this group we will learn the impacts of different genres and how to take the emotions of the songs and show them in voice. 

    Panther Players

    The theatre organization at ODU is an experience that enables students to enhance communication and acting skills. They have the opportunity to act, direct, and build set designs for various productions. Panther Players webpage. Email: pantherplayers@ohiodominican.edu.  

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    Religious Organizations

    Respect For Life

    The purpose of this organization is to provide an opportunity for students of Ohio Dominican University to come together in support of the importance of respecting life from conception to natural death as is consistent with the mission of the university and the teachings of the Catholic Church. We will raise awareness of the issues surrounding abortion, euthanasia, capitol punishment, genocide, etc. This is a Christian organization, but is open to members of other faiths. Campus Ministry will assist in maintaining that the goals of the organization are consistent with Catholic and Dominican values.

    Saint Paul's Outreach

    Saint Paul's Outreach (SPO) is an evangelistic and catechetical lay ministry that serves university students and young adults. SPO presents the life-changing power of the Gospel to train young adults as followers of Christ within the Catholic Church. SPO carries out its mission by providing faith supporting environments that are practically centered on a relationship with God and loving others, such as men's and women's households, small groups, prayer meetings, and social events.

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    Service Organizations

    Knit & Crochet for the Needy

    The mission of this organization is to aid the homeless, destitute, and any individual in need of clothing or other general items that can be knitted or crocheted. People can participate by crafting items, delivering items, teaching others how to knit or crochet, and donating knit or crocheted items or yarn. The organizations offers free knit and and crochet lessons and actively aids Ohioans throughout the year.

    Panthers for Peace 

    The Panthers for Peace partner with the Dominican Sisters of Peace to promote the study and practice of peace. The group strives to bring together students of all backgrounds to  broaden perspectives and engage the greater ODU community in efforts to spread the Dominican values.


    A Rotary-sponsored service club that incorporates leadership development and professional development while helping the community. Members can volunteer locally and internationally, build career contacts, develop communication, and attend team building seminars. Everyone who joins has the chance to be in a role of leadership.

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    Social Organizations

    Panther Activities Council

    Panther Activities Council (PAC) is a programming board that is open to all students to help and plan a variety of events on campus. Help plan ODU annual events such as Welcome Weeks, Mardi Gras, Talent Show, Little Sibs Weekend, and ODU Day. PAC gives you the inside track on what is occurring on campus and allows you to have a hand in making ODU fun. PAC website. Email: pac@ohiodominican.edu.    

    Sanctum of Nerditude

    The Sanctum of Nerditude's purpose is to gather together to discuss comics, science fiction, fantasy, anime, etc.; to provide a group for all fandoms to come and share the greatness of each; to share new events and updates in each individual specialty. 

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    Sports & Recreation Organizations

    Bass Fishing Club 

    The primary purpose of the Bass Anglers shall be to encourage camaraderie, sportsmanship, integrity, conservation, and development of the skills and knowledge needed to be successful. The Club seeks to improve our skills as bass anglers through fellowship and the exchange of bass fishing knowledge and to promote adherence to conservation codes, water standards, and enforcement of regulatory standards.  

    Birding Club 

    The ODU Birding Club gives students the opportunity to get ouside and enjoy birds and nature around Columbus and beyond. No equipment or prior knowledge is necessary, the only things required are curiosity about Ohio's hundreds of bird species and a willingness to be outside and experience the surprising biological diversity found in our local parks and wildlife areas. Trips are planned based on club members' availability and interests, with special emphasis on migration seasons, when millions of birds travel through Ohio on their way to distant breeding and wintering habitats. 


    ODU's Cheerleading Team supports intercollegiate athletics and ODU. That support is directed into four areas of conduct, as follows: (1) to lead cheers and to raise the level of fan support for intercollegiate athletics; as well as to lead in positive vocal support for the team towards the University and its teams; (2) to participate by performing tumbling, partner stunts, motions, pyramids, dance movements; (3) to serve as public relations ambassadors of intercollegiate athletics and Ohio Dominican University; to uphold, reflect and project the goals and ideals of the University. Cheerleading website.

    Flag Football Team

    A group dedicated to organizing and hosting flag football games on campus. We hope to provide a fun, recreational, but competitive experience for all students, faculty, and staff. We host games weekly or biweekly depending on the interest of the club members. 


    Panther Krazies

    Panther Krazies is an organization to help spread spirit throughout ODU's campus. This organization is the basis of moral support at ODU and its athletic events. It is the Krazies' mission to provide enthusiastic support at Ohio Dominican Athletic events, while cheering the panthers to victory by creating a spirited and competitive environment.

    Student Athletic Advisory Committee (SAAC)

    Student Athletic Advisory Committee (SAAC) is an organization that consists of student-athlete representatives who act as a liaison between the athletic department, coaches, and the NCAA. The representatives meet twice a month to discuss issues in the NCAA, new events that the group is planning or helping with, and opportunities for involvement in GLIAC events.

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    Student Representation Organizations

    Residence Hall Association 

    Residence Hall Association is designed to bring Ohio Dominican University students together to develop and collaborate their own ideas to improve the quality of life in the residence halls, organize new, exciting and original activities to host on campus, and to provide a fun safe environment for students to immerse themselves in better Ohio Dominican University for everyone.

    Student Senate

    The Student Senate of Ohio Dominican University, being comprised of elected and volunteer members of the student body, serves as leadership for the full student body and operates as a liaison connecting the Students, Administration, Faculty, Staff and Alumni. Student Senate exists for the purpose of empowering students, to promote excellence in student leadership through personal development in conjunction with the Dominican experience. Through loyalty and a devotion to the University, Student Senate is committed to taking action that will achieve the betterment of higher education and student life at Ohio Dominican University. Student Senate webpage. Email: studentsenate@ohiodominican.edu.

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    Other Involvement Opportunities

    Student Ambassadors

    Student Ambassadors are a select group of current ODU students chosen to assist Admission with the recruitment process. Ultimately, Student Ambassadors serve as a link between the Office of Admissions, the current student body, and prospective students. Student Ambassadors best represent the image and mission of Ohio Dominican University. The two main duties of the ambassador include general office assignments and conducting campus tours for prospective students and their families. Student Ambassador webpage.

    Men of Valor

    The Men of Valor is a men's group committed to living the pillars of truth, integrity, and fraternity through events that are fun, engaging, and reflective. Monthly events include lunches, high ropes courses, speakers, and open forum discussions.

    Peer Advisors

    Peer Advisors help first year students with a smooth transition and positive adjustment to college life. Advisors work with 20-25 new students throughout the first semester and continue the relationship on a more informal basis through the freshman's first year. Peer Advisors help: orient new students to college life and campus resources; promote academic success by helping students connect in-class learning with campus activities and involvement outside the classroom; help foster friendships and interactions; provide support and understanding from a student-based perspective. Peer Advisors webpage.

    Resident Assistants

    You can become involved in Residence Life by becoming a Resident Assistant (RA). RAs live in the residence halls and lead floor activities and events. 

    Women Of Worth

    The purpose of Women Of Worth is to empower and build the self esteem of the women of the ODU community; to promote a sense of strength, self definition, self determination, and self worth through acts of advocacy and activism, and to educate the community by standing up, and speaking out against political, economic, and social inequalities between men and women.

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