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  • Additional Policies

    All residents must abide by the regulations of the University and the residence halls and are responsible for being familiar with all policies here and contained in the Student Handbook.


    For convenience, the residence halls are equipped with washers, dryers, lounge furniture, TVs, computers, printers, and vending machines. Use of these machines is limited to residents and their guests. Residents should report inoperable machines or appliances to Residence Life staff. 

    Copiers are located in Fitzpatrick and Sansbury Halls, as well as in Spangler Learning Center, for use by students. Tampering with or maliciously damaging any University property is prohibited.


    University owned computers in labs and lounges are to be used for academic purposes. Students listening to music should utilize earphones. Students are not permitted to view sexually explicit materials on computers in public areas, including but not limited to lounges, computer labs and other common areas.


    All residents are encouraged to carry renters insurance while living in campus housing. The University is not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged property. Residents are held liable for damages to public areas of the residence halls when the individual(s) responsible are not identified. The resulting charge for damage to the public areas on a floor will be divided among the floor residents. Damage charges for the general public will be divided among the residents of the hall.

    Residents who observe vandalism within the residence halls, and who do not report the vandalism to Residence Life staff members, may also be found financially or judicially liable for damages and may be subject to the University conduct process. All residents of a room are held mutually liable for damages to the room once occupancy is established. An individual resident of a room is solely liable for damages to the room when individual responsibility for the damages can be clearly established.


    Any student who wishes to be released from a housing contract or waived from the residency requirements must submit a written request to the Director of Residence Life. The Director of Residence Life will review requests. Students will be notified of the decisions by the Director of Residence Life. The decision of the Director of Residence Life is final and may not be appealed.


    Laundry rooms are available in each residence hall. Every resident will be billed $22 each semester for laundry services. Residents have unlimited use of the laundry machines. The University does not assume any responsibility for clothing or personal property. Misuse or abuse of the laundry machines can render them inoperable until a repair technician is available. Residents are asked to take notice of signage posted in the laundry facilities about under and overloading the laundry machines.


    All mail and packages for resident students are received Monday - Friday at the University Mailroom. Residence Hall staff will pick up the student U.S. mail and packages and distributes them to student mailboxes in the Residence Halls. The mailboxes are accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


    Ohio Dominican requires that students living in the residence halls participate in a meal plan. All incoming freshmen students are required to select the 320 meal plan for their entire freshmen year. Exemptions from this policy are granted for documented medical reasons only and require a written submission to the Director of Residence Life. Residents have until Friday of the first week of classes each semester to request a change in meal plan (unless current Freshman).

    This request must be made in writing by the student from the student’s ODU email account and must be received by the Office of Residence Life no later than 5:00 pm. Emails should be sent to reslife@ohiodominican.edu. Failure to submit the request properly will be denied. After the deadline the revised meal plan cannot be changed for the remainder of the semester.


    Ohio Dominican University assumes no liability for the theft, loss, or damage of personal property. The University does not carry insurance on personal property. Students are strongly encouraged to carry renters insurance for all personal property. In many instances, students away from home are not included in their parents’ insurance policies.

    ODU does not provide storage space. Students are to remove all personal possessions when moving out of the room.

    Residents may use the following appliances in their rooms: clocks, radios, stereos, televisions, fans, hair dryers, personal computers, and lamps. If the appliance has a heating element, the element must be enclosed. No halogen products are permitted in the residence halls. Cooking with a device other than a microwave oven is prohibited in resident rooms. 

    Toasters, toaster ovens, indoor grills, electric skillets, crock pots, and hot plates are prohibited. Open flames are not permitted in residence hall rooms. This includes, but is not limited to, candles, oil lamps, and the burning of incense.

    Residents are allowed to keep a single refrigerator of 4.0 cubic feet maximum capacity per room. In lieu of one refrigerator, two 2.3 cubic feet refrigerators are permitted in each room. All refrigerators must be emptied and cleaned prior to each semester break.

    Residents may add limited personal furniture to their room, provided that the furnishings do not endanger resident safety or restrict reasonable freedom of movement within shared living space. Waterbeds or any other large receptacle of water are not permitted. Pets of any kind are not permitted.


    Residents are placed on a first come, first serve basis, pending the date of their paid deposit. Housing deposits are non-refundable.

    All returning resident students are required to participate in the housing selection process, which takes place during the spring semester. 

    Students who do not intend to return to the residence halls must request a change of status form from the Residence Life Office (Erskine Hall) in order to obtain an address change. Should the student decide after June 30 that she/he wishes to live on campus she/he must reapply by submitting a Housing Contract and a deposit of $150. These requests will be treated on a “first-come, first-serve” basis like new students.


    A non-refundable $150 room deposit is required of each student not currently living in the residence halls to reserve their place in the placement process.


    Each student is responsible for keeping his/her room clean. University property may not be removed from a room or building. All rooms are equipped with a bed, desk, chair, dresser, and drapes/blinds. Residents are not permitted to paint their rooms.


    Any request or need for special accommodations (medical, physical, academic, etc.) must be directed to the Academic Advising Office, Erskine 214, (614) 251-4233.


    Local phone service is provided in most rooms in the residence halls. Individuals must provide their own phone and answering machine. Students must provide their own long distance service.


    A student contracts with the University for room and board for the predetermined number of days set by the official school calendar. Students requesting to remain on campus during break periods should contact the Office of Residence Life two weeks before the break begins. International students, student teachers, and other residents involved in official University functions may be eligible for housing during break periods. Any student staying and not registering will be charged a fine of $50.00 per day for each day of the entire vacation.

    Residents are expected to make alternate arrangements for break periods. Only in special circumstances is a resident allowed to stay on campus during the break period. Residents with a special circumstance must obtain written approval from the Director of Residence Life 72 hours prior to the start of break in order to be eligible. There is no guarantee that requests will be granted. Each situation will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Residents will be charged a fee per day to stay.

    Also, any student remaining on campus during a vacation period/break may be required to move to a residence hall room other than his/her regular room for the duration of the vacation/break. During the summer and vacation periods there may be special regulations that students must meet to live in the residence halls.

  • Contact Info

    Residence Life Office 

    Erskine 145
    Ohio Dominican University
    1216 Sunbury Road
    Columbus, Ohio 43219

    Phone: (614) 251-4718