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    How can a student receive the appropriate

    accommodations for his/her disability?


    It is very important that students with disabilities who are interested in receiving reasonable  accommodations contact the Disability Services Office, and register for disability services as soon as possible after they are accepted at the university. Many accommodations can take several weeks or months to implement, so it is very important that students notify the DSO regarding their needed accommodations.


    At the university level, it is the students’ responsibility to identify them to the Disability Services Office if they have a disability for which they seek reasonable accommodations.  Due to FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act), it is necessary that the student make the arrangements, not the parent or guardian.


    Students must provide documentation that meets the requirements of the University.  The University reserves the right to require additional documentation or testing to establish the need for specific accommodations.


    Students have the right to refuse accommodations and/or services at any time without jeopardizing their right to any future accommodations and/or services.  Students must understand that accommodations are not retroactive, and after an assignment, test or quiz is submitted, they cannot retake/redo the assignment, quiz or test with accommodations. 


    Students also have the right to expect that information about their disability and the need for accommodations will be treated confidentially by the University offices involved.


    For more information, refer to the Disability Services Office webpage http://www.ohiodominican.edu/Disability_Services/, or contact the Disability Services Coordinator, Laura Cherry Akgerman, akgermal@ohiodominican.edu, 614-251-4233, Erskine 214.