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  • Summer Internship: Columbus Crew

    Kaitlin Perfect 

    Kaitlin Perfect

    Major: Public Relations
    Class Year: Junior

    Hometown: Pataskala, Ohio
    Organizations & Activities: ODU Ambassador, Cheerleader 

    How did you get your internship with the Columbus Crew? 

    I first found out about the internship with the Crew at a career fair at Nationwide Arena last winter. After the fair, I visited teamworkonline.com and found other sports internship opportunities. I applied for the internship with the Crew, and they emailed me to set up an interview.

    What do you do in your internship? 

    I help set up all the promotions around Columbus Crew Stadium, including setting up tents, games, running the Crew flags, and also making sure Crew Cat (the Crew’s mascot) is where he needs to be. 

    The most exciting moment of my internship has definitely been working during Rock on the Range because I was able to meet different rock bands and I got to enjoy that experience with most of my Crew family.

    How is your internship helping to prepare you for your career? 

    After graduation, I would like to work in a sports arena or stadium as an event or promotions coordinator. This internship has shown me how much preparation goes in to putting on different events.

    I’ve also had the opportunity to network with a lot of professionals in the field. This experience has reassured me that this is what I want to do with my life.

    Why was it important for you to have an internship? 

    I think it is important for every student to go through an internship because it gives students great opportunities to gain real-world experience and network with professionals. 

    My boss at the Crew, DJ, is a great example. He interned with the Crew for two years and now he is the Fan Development Coordinator at the stadium. 

    Seeing the impact DJ’s internship had on his career is great motivation for me to keep pursuing internships and to give it my full effort.

    Why did you choose to attend Ohio Dominican University? 

    I chose to attend ODU mainly because of the beautiful campus and opportunities in the area. Being a student at ODU allows me to be close to home, yet far enough to be on my own. ODU is in a great location because it is so close to Easton, which offers the students discounts and job opportunities. 

    We’re also very close to downtown, so students are able to find internships and jobs throughout the Columbus area. Columbus is a great place to begin and build on your career.

    I love being a student at ODU! I began my college journey at a community college and transferred to ODU. Since transferring, I have met so many great people who have helped prepare me for my career. 

    Being a cheerleader and student ambassador at ODU gives me the opportunity to show others why I love this university so much, and I am able to show my school spirit!

    How does ODU help you connect your passion with your purpose?  

    Being a Public Relations major, my passion is to inspire and inform others around me. ODU Public Relations professor Natalie Kompa is a great example of how to connect passion with purpose. She not only teaches from a book, she also teaches from her own real-life experiences. 

    I also hope to share my experiences with others to help them learn about the public relations field.