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  • Student of the Week March 3, 2014

    Chris Liebold 

    Christopher Liebold

    Majors: Environmental Studies, Political Science
    Class Year: Senior

    Hometown: Green Springs
    Organizations & Activities: Cross Country, Track and Field, Student Senate, Band, Altar Server, Honors Program 

    Why did you choose to attend Ohio Dominican University? 

    I am from a small town that has only one traffic light, so I wanted to experience living in a city. I also wanted it to be the right distance from home – not too far, but not too close. 

    Also, since I’ve always wanted to be involved in politics, Columbus was also a natural place to be. I also wanted to attend a small Catholic liberal arts university, and wanted to be able to be involved in athletics. ODU offered everything I was looking for.

    How do you stay involved at ODU? 

    As a Student Ambassador, I have an opportunity to give tours to prospective students and tell them all about ODU. I also participate on the track and field and cross country teams, and have served as vice president and president and other positions on Student Senate. I also enjoy serving Mass.

    Have you participated in any internships? 

    During my freshman year, I interned in U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown’s Columbus office. That experience led to a second internship during the summer of 2013 in his office on Capitol Hill.

    I also had a short internship with the BlueGreen Alliance.

    What organizations do you participate in, and what have you gained from them? 

    I have been heavily involved in Student Senate. My various positions have helped me gain numerous leadership skills, and it’s allowed me to get to know many ODU students, teachers and employees. 

    I’ve also spent four years running cross country and track, which has helped me experience new places with my coaches and teammates. Many of my best memories at ODU have come from our trips and track meets.

    What would you say to a prospective student who is considering attending ODU? 

    At ODU, you aren’t just a number and you won’t just be taught things, rather you will learn how to think critically and ask questions. You will beg to know the justice of actions and events, and not just the consequences of them. 

    Plus, I can say from experience that you will immediately feel welcomed as a student at Ohio Dominican University.

    What is your most memorable moment at ODU? 

    During spring 2013, I had an opportunity to study abroad in Rome. While the entire trip was memorable, there were two moments that really stood out. On Pentecost, we went to Mass at the Pantheon. The church was filled with people and clergy, and at the conclusion of Mass, the Roman fire department threw bags of rose petals through the oculus of the building. 

    The other moment came during our Papal audience when we were less than 20 feet away from Pope Francis, who stopped right in front of us to kiss a baby.

    What do you want to do after graduation? 

    I plan to attend law school and eventually run for public office.

    What is one unique experience you’ve had at ODU that has helped you grow personally, professionally and/or spiritually? Why? 

    During my junior year, Father Richard Gross took some of us to a soup kitchen on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day for the day of service. The soup kitchen ended up not needing us. 

    Instead of heading back to campus, we shared the experience of eating a meal with those in need. This truly was an eye-opening experience.

    What sets ODU apart from other universities you could have attended? 

    At Ohio Dominican, I’ve been able to get to know many faculty and staff members, and it really feels like a family.

    I’ve always enjoyed my conversations with the Dominican Sisters, teachers and chaplains here. They all help to make the Ohio Dominican experience unique and enjoyable.

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