• Student of the Week April 7, 2014

    Scotty Arnott small 

    Scotty Arnott

    Major: Biology & Environmental Science Major
    Class Year: Senior

    Hometown: Woodsfield, Ohio
    Organizations & Activities: St. Albert's Society, Birding Club

    Why did you choose to attend Ohio Dominican University?  

    One of the major reasons I chose to attend ODU was because of its distance from home. A two-hour drive allows me to feel independent, but if I need to go home for a weekend, it is possible. 

    ODU’s small class sizes and atmosphere inside and outside of the classroom remind me of family. Everybody knows everybody and it is impossible to walk across campus without seeing someone you know. 

    The best way I can describe how proud I am to be an ODU student is to say a quote every ODU student says – “It’s always a great day to be a Panther!”

    How do you stay involved at ODU? 

    I am a member of the St. Albert’s Society (ODU’s Science Club) as well as its Birding Club. These clubs offer wonderful learning opportunities, and have allowed me to make new friends. My professors and advisors are always looking for new members and are actively engaged in their students’ success.

    Also, since ODU is a smaller university, I have many friends who are student-athletes. I love attending games or matches to support them!

    Have you participated in any internships? 

    I currently am the Recycling Coordinator at ODU and am responsible for facilitating the improvement of ODU’s recycling program. Based on research I gathered during my senior capstone project, I developed a new initiative that looks at the recycling rates of small central Ohio colleges. I am working with ODU’s administration to implement a new recycling plan that will hopefully increase ODU’s sustainability in the coming years. 

    This experience has shown me what I am capable of doing and how easy it is for one person to have a positive impact on many others. It also has allowed me to grow personally and professionally because it has involved meeting and talking with many important people in ODU’s administration.

    What do you want to do after graduation? 

    I aspire to work for the Ohio Division of Natural Resources as a Wildlife Officer. I have applied for several internships with the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency that will help me to gain valuable experience needed to get into the Wildlife Officer Academy. My advisors and professors at ODU have been extremely helpful in finding and researching internship opportunities.

    What would you say to a prospective student who is considering attending ODU?  

    If you are looking for a small, Catholic, liberal arts University that is located in a large city with many opportunities, ODU is the college for you. 

    ODU’s class sizes are small enough that professors know you by name as well as your interests. Because of this, you feel comfortable asking them questions. This makes the overall learning process to go much more smoothly. ODU really does feel like a large family!     

    What is your most memorable moment at ODU?  

    My most memorable moment was at ODU Day during my sophomore year. ODU Day always takes place the last Friday of the spring semester before finals, and it is a day for graduating seniors and honors students to present their research. As a sophomore, I was invited to present research that I had conducted throughout the year. ODU Day also is a time for students to unwind, let go, and enjoy free food, music, inflatables and games! 

    ODU Day is something that every student marks on their calendar. It’s just a great way to have fun on campus!

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