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  • Student of the Week March 31, 2014

    Tonnisha English sm 

    Tonnisha English

    Major: Communications & Public Relations
    Class Year: Senior

    Hometown: Columbus
    Organizations & Activities: PRSSA, Panther Krazies, Resident Assistant (Residence Life), Women of Worth

    Why did you choose to attend Ohio Dominican University? 

    From the moment I stepped onto ODU’s campus, I knew this was where I belonged. This is a small campus and everyone is extremely friendly, and I get good vibes when I’m here.

    Plus, ODU is in my hometown, which is great! I’ve never had any regrets about my decision.

    How do you stay involved at ODU? 

    It’s very easy to stay involved at ODU. There’s always something going on! I am a former member and president of the Black Student Union, current president of the Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA), social media manager of Panther Krazies, third-year resident assistant with Residence Life, and proud member of Women of Worth.

    Through all of these organizations, I have gained incredible friendships and insight into my own life and career, and I’ve made many unforgettable memories.

    Have you participated in any internships? 

    I have had seven internships throughout my college career. In 2010, I had an opportunity to intern with Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure, where I helped “pink up” the race.

    I have also interned with ESPN Radio as a Production Assistant and got to go live on the air during the Ohio High School Athletic Association Track and Field event in 2011.

    Currently, I serve as a communications and public relations intern at Who's Who Publishing Company, which allows me to write and travel! After graduation, I want to stay in Columbus and work in public relations. I eventually want to start my own PR firm.

    What would you say to a prospective student who is considering attending ODU? 

    If you want to go to a university that has an inclusive environment and is full of people you can call family, ODU is definitely the place to be!

    What is your most memorable moment at ODU? 

    My most memorable moment at ODU was the night I was crowned Homecoming Queen. I had never been on a homecoming court or done anything similar before, so to have my peers view me as someone worthy enough to have that title is a blessing and I am still so honored. 

    I’m also very proud to say that I am the first African American Homecoming Queen at ODU!

    What is one unique experience you’ve had at ODU that has helped you grow personally, professionally and/or spiritually? Why? 

    During my sophomore year, I had an opportunity to serve on a mission trip to Detroit with other students and my hall director. We worked with a group called Youthworks Detroit, and we served in soup kitchens and in after school programs. I learned a lot about Detroit during this time. The people there love the city and are doing everything in their power to give it life again.

    This was the most humbling and eye-opening experience I have ever had. It really put my own life into perspective and made me appreciate even more the opportunities that I have.

    How proud are you to be an ODU student? 

    I am extremely proud to be an ODU student! While I’m sad that I’m graduating soon, I’ll always be a Panther!

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