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    Investments - FIN 310

    Students will learn useful and practical implications of financial theory, which provides framework for characterizing and predicting stock and bond returns. The major focus of the course is on stocks, bonds and financial derivatives, such as options, futures and futures options.

    Intermediate Finance - FIN 410

    Students explore the theories and concepts of corporate finance, including the fundamentals of working capital, acquisition of capital, capital budgeting, and dividend policy. Students also also learn financial management techniques under uncertainty, and managing the balance between assets and liabilities.

    Financial Statement Analysis and Security Valuation -
    FIN 405

    Students will learn how to analyze financial statements properly by analyzing current companies. Students learn to integrate concepts from economics, business strategy, accounting, and other business disciplines.

    Bank Management - Fin 425

    The management and regulatory environment of commercial banks has experienced rapid change in recent years. This course will introduce students to commercial bank management and recent changes. It focuses on problems banks are facing in a way that helps students apply financial concepts to a variety of credit, investment and funding decisions.

    Real Estate Finance and Investments – Fin 430

    This course provides students with a modern introduction to the investment opportunities and changes the industry has experienced in recent years.

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