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    Please review the Clinical course descriptions.

    The clinical phase of the program lasts 12 months and consists of nine required rotations in Family Medicine, Internal Medicine, Emergency Medicine, Behavioral Medicine, Women’s Health, Pediatrics, Primary Care and Surgery.

    12 Months = 24 semester hours

    Core Rotations - 2 Credit Hours Each, 4 Weeks Each Rotation 

    PAS 901 Family Medicine   

    PAS 902 Emergency Medicine 

    PAS 903 Internal Medicine

    PAS 904 Women’s Health


    PAS 905 Pediatrics

    PAS 906 Surgery  

    PAS 907 Behavioral Medicine  

    PAS 908A Primary Care   

    PAS 908B Primary Care 

    Elective Rotations - 2 Credit Hours Each , 4 Weeks Each Rotation 
    PAS 909 PAS 910

    Note: Semesters of Rotations are subject to overflow due to scheduling and length of rotations.

    Students may take two elective clinical rotations of 4 weeks each provided there are no academic or probationary restraints. During the clinical rotations, students are visited by a faculty member in order to assess the clinical learning experience. These visits are designed to ensure each student receives an appropriate clinical learning experience. Additionally, the student is required to return to campus for end‐of‐rotation examinations and/or professional practice activities.

    Students are required to complete appropriate logging and evaluation forms as delineated in each syllabus, and written assignments as assigned. Students are also required to successfully pass a comprehensive written examination of the program’s design in order to successfully complete the program. Students are required to successfully complete an Objective Standardized Clinical Experience (OSCE) prior to graduation. Additionally, near the end of the clinical phase, students will participate in an intensive board review course to better prepare for the Physician Assistant National Certifying Examination (PANCE) and clinical practice.