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    The English Department offers in-depth study of great works of literature by authors from many different periods and cultures. In addition to building critical reading and writing skills, we also encourage students to make connections between literature and the world around them. Students receive a strong foundation in the canonical texts as well as in contemporary works.
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    Why Choose ODU for your English Degree?

    Ohio Dominican’s English Department offers a strong foundation in classic, contemporary and international literature. Students study works from Beowulf to Stan Lee. This breadth of coverage prepares them for many professions, such as teaching and graduate study in fields of English and law. Through diverse reading and writing assignments, students are prepared for many different writing situations. The Professional Writing minor is suggested for students who would like to focus on business and technological writing. Faculty are distinguished by their publication record, service to the University, community and commitment to students. Thanks to the strong classical and contemporary training, the devoted faculty, and the extensive curriculum, our students find jobs in the global economy.

    Facts about the Program

    We offer an English major with a traditional focus on literature; an English minor, for students interested in literature, but majoring in other areas; an Integrated Language Arts major, for students preparing to teach in secondary schools; and a Professional Writing minor, for students interested in pursuing a greater number of writing experiences.

    ODU English majors find jobs in a variety of fields because they are flexible and prepared to meet the changing demands of today’s job market. Our majors have gone on to work in politics, public relations, law, education, writing, publishing, health care, the arts and other careers. However, the most important aspect to the study of literature is its ability to prepare students for many fields of study and many situations in life. English majors develop empathy, critical thinking, critical writing and wisdom through the study of literature. These qualities will help students find and retain work, and make life much more interesting and fulfilling.

    Internships are available and encouraged. In the past, students have worked at advertising and publishing firms.

    The English Department also sponsors one of the most active organizations on campus, the English Honors society, Sigma Tau Delta. In addition to many activities throughout the year, Sigma Tau Delta publishes the award-winning ODU literary journal, Gesture. Through the journal, students learn about the publishing, editing and creative writing fields. They are also invited to attend the national Sigma conference where they network with other English majors, faculty and writers.

    Faculty Highlights

    Dr. Imali J. Abala

    Dr. Imali J. Abala is a novelist and poet. Some of her works include, "A Fallen Citadel and Other Poems," "The Dilemma of Jahenda the Teenage Mother," "The Disinherited" and "Move On, Trufosa." Some of her other works will appear in "African Women in Motion: Gender and the New African Diaspora in the United States," an anthology, and "Reflection: An Anthology of New Work by African Women Poets." She is working on her new novel, "A Fair Cry to Heaven."

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