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  • Fundraiser Registration Form

    All fundraisers coordinated by University departments and organizations must be registered via the Fundraiser Registration Form.  Please read the Fundraising Policy for the complete procedures regarding fundraisers.


    Sponsor Information

    Organization Name:    
    Primary Contact  
    Secondary Contact  



    Fundraiser Proposal

    Fundraiser Title:    
    Fundraiser Description:     
    Fundraiser Date:  [None] Select a Date Delete the Date 
    Fundraiser End Date:  [None] Select a Date Delete the Date 
    Fundraiser Start Time:    
    Fundraiser End Time:    
    Fundraiser Location:    
    Fundraiser will be open to:    


    Fundraiser Details

    Will you be reserving space on campus?    
    Will you need Facilities to help with set-up?     
    Will you be selling food as the fundraiser?     
    Will outside vendors be used?     
    Will you need media equipment?     
    Describe your Facilities and Media requests here:     
    Will you solicit to outside people and/or businesses?    
         • If yes, describe and/or list proposed solicitations here: