• Graphic Design

    ODU prepares the next generation of smart, innovative and conscientious designers to become leaders in our communities and ultimately the world. Our students develop critical thinking, balanced with technical skill and abilities, by exploring the graphic design process and problem-solving methodologies.
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    Why ODU?

    Contemporary design requires more than an understanding of tools and techniques. Designers must have a wide knowledge base that allows them to address problems and find effective solutions. Your foundation in a liberal arts institution will help you gain the breadth of knowledge necessary for today’s design careers.

    Furthermore, the field of design is increasingly aware of the need for socially conscientious designers. This is evident from the multitude of recent global design initiatives like “Design for Good” that focus on how design can be used to create positive change in the world.

    ODU fosters this type of development that will give you an edge in forward thinking design firms and design environments.

    Our curriculum structure allows motivated ODU students to double major in related programs. Many students choose to minor in Fine Art, Public Relations, Communications, Business, Psychology or one of our many other fields.

    Program Facts

    Designers have nearly unlimited 24-hour access to a dedicated art and design computer lab, and multiple venues for open studio space.

    The Senior Exhibition is an exceptional opportunity that allows seniors to select, research, produce and exhibit an extensive professional design project.

    Faculty Highlights

    Jessica Larva

    Professor Jessica Larva is a founder and principal for the Fuse Factory, a new media arts collective. She actively exhibits her work and has had pieces exhibited at the Wexner Center for the Arts and the Jacob Jarvis Center in New York.

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