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    ODU’s Theme for the 2013-14 academic year is Justice. Throughout the year, ODU’s Office of Academic Affairs and the Center for Dominican Studies will co-sponsor events to discuss issues pertaining to Justice.

    Students, faculty and staff are invited to reflect on these lectures. Read their answers below and we encourage you to submit your own.

    What is Justice?

    "If I had to define justice, I would say it is the fair treatment of people." - Josh Busby

    "I would define justice as moral rightness and equality, despite race, age, gender, religion or anythinbg else that separates people. Justice is also fairness and equality, without discrimination, exclusions or exceptions." - Jenni Morrison

    “Justice consists of giving people what they deserve, and that a just society is one that enables human beings to realize their highest nature and to live the good life.” - (Aristotle, The Politics) - Akl Kallassi 

    ​"A habit or virtue where one gives to each person what is his right."-Aquinas. This is what directs man in his relation to others and provides a basis for equality in all aspects of life. - Kacee Hockenberry 

    Saint Thomas Aquinas says that justice is a habit where one with constant and perpetual will gives to each one what is his right. To me justice is fairness and giving what is due to each person fairly and justly.  - Dominick Smith 

    Justice is treating others how they ought to be treated. When determining what is just, one must take into consideration all of the rights of a person abstaining from using biases or discrimination when assessing how to they should be treated. - Kevin Hatrick 

    The goal of the American legal system is the pursuit of justice. Justice also requires providing those accused of crimes with a fair and appropriate adjudication of their guilt. Therefore the legal process of judging and punishing people based upon the lawis the determination of justice. - Nicole Barringer 

    Justice is making sure people are held accountable for their actions. - Latisha McDougald 

    Justice is following all ethical principles in order to ensure every individual is given equal rights within society. - Blair Hilliard 

    Justice is a systematic result of established authorities collaborating to enforce laws, preserve public safety, control and reduce criminal activity and protect the rights of the community in a fair and effective manner. - Sky Sharma

    The fair administration of benefits and punishment regardless of previous behavior or extenuating circumstances. - Blake Mathys  

    Fairness - Jen D.

    How do you promote Justice?

    There are many opportunities for people to promote justice throughout the community. One example would be to attend a rally and become part of the solution. Another way to promote justice is to devote time to volunteering." - Jenni Morrison 

    Promoting justice is a tough task, some say it is impossible, others say it is crazy, but as Steve Jobs said “The ones who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world, are the ones who do.” Justice is not only promoted by rebelling or revolution, although these are two of the ways that (have been) used... With the spread of social media and the internet, promoting justice can be done from home... but the simplest way to promote justice is to start with yourself and the people surrounding you. Little by little, the process you initiated will grow and (will) make people do the same thing you did. - Akl Kallassi 

    One can promote a just society by challenging and discussing current issues and rulings from the court. - Nicole Barringer 

    By speaking out for oppressed groups. - Latisha McDougald  

    I try to treat everyone fairly and try to convince others to do the same. - Blair Hilliard 

    One can promote justice structurally by abiding by the law. Morally, one can promote justice by doing their level best to ensure their own safety and the safety of others. I plan to promote justice by doing both through applications such as my daily lifestyle and as my career as a law enforcer. - Sky Sharma 

    I promote Justice by doing the right thing! - Victoria M.

    I promote Justice by listening with an open mind and with compassion. - Anne S.

    By being a life-long learner!

    Identify bias in yourself and by recognizing it, gain the ability to mitigate its effects, then use your example to encourage others to do the same. - Blake Mathys 

    Speak up - Jen D.

    What Justice issues are important to you?

    There are really five injustices that are important to me, they are all social injustices and are based on the treatment of people. The top five are racism, homophobia, discrimination, police violence, and class discrimination." - Josh Busby

    Some current justice/injustice issues that are important to me include adequate health care coverage and benefits for the elderly, poverty in the elderly population, abuse and neglect of the elderly, human sex trafficking, LGBT issues in the community and among members of the LGBT population, bottled water and its impact on the environment, violence related to freedom of religion, and wrongful convictions of inmates. - Jenni Morrison 

    Some issues that concern me nowadays related to justice would be discrimination, child welfare, and classification of people by wealth. - Akl Kallassi 

    I think one of the big issues that never gets talked about is adultery in our country. Many people do not pay mind to the damage that adultery does emotionally, and how it disrupts the nuclear family environment. - Niclas Workman 

    In my opinion, the justice issue that I find most important is equality. To be treated equally and have the same chance at opportunity is a justice we should all have. - Saad Ismail

    Innocent until proven guilty, due process, legal representation, child welfare, health care reform, poverty and economic injustice and affordable housing. - Nicole Barringer 

    Discrimination among minorities - Latisha McDougald
    Equality in the school system Quality education for all people.

    I believe women's rights, minority groups rights, middle-class and disabled citizens rights are the most important issues. - Blair Hilliard 

    Human trafficking, domestic violence, crimes against children, intimate partner assaults, domestic and international terrorism, Predictive policing and crime mapping - Sky Sharma


    Environmental use, human trafficking, and suffering (in its many and varied forms) - Blake Mathys 

    Gender equality - Jen D.

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