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  • Medical Practice Managment

    Management Skills Portfolio

    This is an integrated course focusing on personal skill and management competency assessment and development. This course utilizes a set of assessment instruments and techniques to help students identify areas for personal development and growth. The assessment process culminates in the creation of a personal development plan that will be revisited in the final course of each graduate business program in order to determine progress and recast an updated plan. Additionally, the course contains multiple skill modules addressing capabilities relevant to academic success in any business graduate program. Skills addressed include team, writing, creativity, research, presentations, project management, software, and citation skills.

    MPM 510-OL 
    June 9 - August 2
    Time - TBD
    3 credits


    Healthcare Informatics

    Healthcare Informatics provides you the skills you need to analyze documentation, management and use of health information. You will discuss topics, including HIPAA, meaningful use of health technology and the advantages of an electronic medical record. 

    MPM 540-01
    June 9 - July 28
    6 - 9 p.m., Monday
    Main Campus
    3 credits


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