• ODUspeak

    Like every community, Ohio Dominican has its own jargon and nicknames.

    E-learning tool for ODU courses. It is a virtual learning environment for online learning and web-enhanced classes, and for communication between students and professors.

    Each year, a distinguished speaker addresses the academic theme of the year at ODU's St. Thomas Aquinas Convocation. It marks the official beginning of the spring academic semester. More.

    ODU's Core Curriculum, taken by all undergraduates, is a series of courses that provide a unifying academic experience throughout each student's academic journey. More.

    Nickname for Fitzpatrick Residence Hall.

    ODU's student-published literary journal. More.

    Great Lakes Intercollegiate Athletic Conference. ODU sports teams are part of this conference and also part of the NCAA Division II conference.

    Nickname for The Bishop James A. Griffin Student Center. More.

    Hammi or Hammy
    Nickname for Hamilton Hall dining facility located at the east end of Erskine Hall.

    Make a Difference Day
    Twice a year, ODU students volunteer in the local community to clean up, rake leaves, plant trees and help in other ways.

    Meal Exchange
    For students on a Resident dining meal plan, there are specific hours and menus available at retail outlets (Grille, Zest, Panther Plaza) in case the student is unable to make it to Hamilton Hall during normal operating hours.

    ODU Day
    Annual day of fun for all ODU students held in spring just before the end of the school year. Watch video.

    A statewide catalog which contains library records from more than 80 Ohio colleges and universities. More.

    Panther Card
    Your ID card that can be loaded with funds to pay for meals.

    Panther Den
    A quiet place to study or relax in Sansbury Hall, Room 138.

    Panther Plaza (aka The Pit)
    Generally the center area of Erskine Hall but specially the lower level food shop and eating/lounging area.

    Panther Points
    Panther Points act as dollars to use in any food service retail operation on campus (Grille, Zest, Panther Plaza) at any time. One point equals one dollar. Panther Points are only associated with Resident dining meal plans.

    PaperCut is software that monitors the number of pages printed to public printers on campus. At the beginning of each semester, each ODU student is given enough credit to print up to 500 pages for free. More.

    Patriots Program
    Services to help military veterans and their families pursue their education at Ohio Dominican. More.

    Resident Assistant in the campus Residence Halls.

    RAD Training
    Rape Aggression Defense System (RAD) training. A comprehensive course offered at ODU that begins with awareness, prevention, risk reduction and avoidance then progressing to the basics of hands-on defense training. View calendar.

    Student run radio station, located in the first floor of the Griff. More.

    Where students' official academic records are kept. The office is also responsible for helping students' register for classes, change their schedule or order a transcript. More.

    Nickname for Sansbury Hall.

    "Sister Sans"
    An urban legend on campus about Sister Sans, a nice ghost that lives in Sansbury Hall. She was a “RA”-type sister when she lived on campus many years ago. Watch a student-made video about the legend.

    The Spangler Learning Center aka the library. More.

    ODU's beloved Panther mascot. 

    An online assessment tool used by ODU professors. 

    The Tower
    ODU's student run newspaper. More.

    Work Study
    A federal program that provides part-time employment for undergraduate students that demonstrate financial need. More.