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  • Officer Orientation


    • Review the Student Organization Handbook (tip - click on the hanbook link to review as you are completing orientation)
    • Complete the quiz below and click submit

    Please contact the Student Activities Office with any questions.

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    Officer Orientation Quiz

    1. Ohio Dominican's policies do not apply when a student organization is affiliated with a national organization. 



    2. Which of the following conditions regarding having alcohol at organization events is not true?  



    3. Announcements for the Campus Activities e-newsletter are due to SAO on what day?  



    4. Student organizations receive $20 at the beginning of the academic year for copying costs and are eligible to apply for additional copying funds from SAAB if necessary.  



    5. When are Event Registration Forms due to SAO?  



    6. Student organizations must receive permission from Sodexho (Food Services) before an outside caterer/vendor can be used.  



    7. SAO will pay for all bookstore purchases for the student organizations. 



    8. A fundraiser should be registered with SAO. 



    9. Student organizations do not need to get apparel designs approved by SAO. 



     10. What is the definition of "hazing"?  


    11. Where do student organizations pick up their mail? 


    12. SAO must approve all postings. 


    13. Which of the following is not true regarding student organization publicity? 


    14. Student organization leadership is not responsible for members conduct while on organization-sponsored trips. 


    15. Who should student organizations contact to reserve University vehicles? 


    16. Who should be contacted to post an event on the myODU calendar? 


    17. Which of the following is not true regarding driving for organization-sponsored trips? 


    18. Student organizations are permitted to design their own logos? 


    19. Who should be contacted to reserve non-classroom space? 


    20. Student organizations must get approval from SAO before soliciting donations from individuals and businesses. 


    21. What type of funds raised for a third-party should be deposited in an organization's Fundraising account? (check all that apply) 



    22. Student organizations are permitted to have bank accounts at non-university banks. 


    23. Who is the budget officer for student organizations and needs to sign all financial paperwork? 


    24. When are all financial forms due to SAO? 


    25. What form is used to reimburse someone? 


    26. When should cash advances be reconciled? 


    27.All student organization spending must be completed by Friday, May 11, 2012.  


    28. What form is used to pay a vendor or service provider? 


    29. What options do student organizations have for picking up checks? (check all that apply) 



    30. Deposits into student organization accounts should be taken to SAO? 


    31. Student organizations are permitted to sign contracts. 


    32. The Expense Report Form must be typed and printed for approval. 


    33. Receipts must be taped to a separate blank sheet(s) of paper and attached to financial forms. 


    34. Organization Treasurers must sign all financial documents before submitting to the Director of Student Activities for approval. 


    Club sport officers must complete the Club Sport Officer Orientation.  All other officers may proceed to the end and click submit.

    Club Sport Officer Orientation

    35. Club Sports must submit a roster of members to SAO. 


    36. Players are permitted to keep equipment purchased with allocated funds once the season is completed. 


    37. What should be included in reporting a player injury to SAO? (check all that apply) 



    38. Club Sports do not have to follow the travel guidelines outlined for all student organization trips. 


    39. If a player sustains an injury in practice or competition, the player is able to submit expenses not covered by his/her insurance to the university insurance company.