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  • Stepping Stones For Success

    What is Stepping Stones For Success?

    The Office of Multicultural Affairs recognized the need to assist first-year students of color in their transition to campus life. Subsequently, Stepping Stones For Success was created in an effort to provide such a service. Stepping Stones for Success is a pre-orientation program which creates social connections with the utilization of academic resources which are essential in assisting first year students as they adjust to a new campus environment. The overall goal of the program is to retain first-year students of color by providing them with support and guidance from upper-class students who provide insight and positive reinforcement. All first year students of color are invited to participate in the program.

    The programs specific goals are:

    • To assist in the acclimation process of first-year students of color
    • To emphasize academic preparation and success
    • To build a social network among program participants
    • To provide a racial/ethnic or cultural link on campus
    • To provide participants with a level of comfort that reduces the anxiety of participating in the greater campus community
    • To remove the intimidation factor of seeking help and using campus resources. 


    Stepping Stone’s mentors consist of upper-class student leaders who have been carefully selected to serve as motivators and role models to their mentees. The goal of each mentors is to help students of color be successful here at ODU.

    Academic Support

    Stepping Stones for Success does not assume that all minority students are in need of academic support. However, we do have support mechanisms in place should anyone find themselves in need of help. The program will provide an academic services resource list that includes all mentors and their area of study along with classes in which they have been particularly successful. In cases where appropriate, study groups with upper-class students may be created. Through the Academic Resource Center, peer tutoring is available to all program participants.


    Several workshops will be offered through the course of the program that may be of academic assistance to the program participants. These programs will include topics such as time management, note and test taking skills, library navigation, research strategies, and career exploration and development.

    Social Activities

    Stepping Stones provides many opportunities to socialize on campus through various gatherings and activities. In addition, the program provides several opportunities to venture off campus and experience Central Ohio.

    What Does Stepping Stones Cost?

    There is no cost to attend Stepping Stones for Success. ODU will cover the cost of housing and meals for each program participant who is accepted. Participants are only responsible for providing their own transportation to campus.

    How long is Stepping Stones?

    Stepping Stones is a two day event. Students will remain on campus to attend the ODU New Student Orientation later that week.


    **There is a limited number of students who will be able to participate in this program.   

    Contact Us

    Sharon Reed
    Dean of Student Life
    (614) 251-4593