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Ohio Dominican University offers an opportunity for high-achieving ODU students to earn a bachelor’s degree and their MBA in five academic years.
Program Features
  • Students spend four academic years in undergraduate-level study.
  • During their senior year, students take graduate-level courses that meet both their undergraduate elective and graduate program requirements (when a B grade or better is achieved).
  • At the end of the fourth year, an undergraduate degree is conferred.
  • Students are then enrolled in graduate school full-time and will complete their degree in one year.
  • How to Apply

    Complete the 4+1 MBA Program application and submit to the Office of Graduate Admissions.

    • Fax: (614) 251-6654
    • Drop off: Griffin Student Center 278
    • Scan and email: grad@ohiodominican.edu 
    • Mail: Office of Graduate Admissions, Griffin Student Center Room 278, Ohio Dominican University, 1216 Sunbury Road, Columbus, OH 43219

    Download 4+1 MBA Application

  • Admission Requirements
    Current ODU students apply to the 4+1 MBA Program during their junior year. 

    Provisional Admission Requirements 
    • Earned GPA of 3.0 or higher in the following Division of Business courses: ACT 210, ACT 220, BUS 220, BUS 240, FIN 325, ECN 207, ECN 208, and MTH 140.
    • Completed application submitted to the Office of Graduate Admissions during student’s junior year at ODU.
    This application and student’s program evaluation will be forwarded to the Program Director for review. Students will be notified of the decision by ODU email.

    Conversion from Provisional to Admitted Status
    • Students admitted provisionally during their junior year will achieve formal and full program admission following the completion of their junior year assuming they have earned a GPA of 3.0 or higher in their required undergraduate Division of Business courses (listed above).
    • Formal admission will permit undergraduate senior level students to take the 500 level graduate bridge courses during their senior year. These courses include: MBA 510, MBA 540, MBA 550, and MBA 570. View course descriptions.
    • Once all grades are posted at the end of their junior year, another review of the student’s academic record will take place. Students will be notified by ODU email when bridge course registration can begin.
    • These 500-level graduate courses will be counted as undergraduate credit and meet undergraduate elective or business major emphasis requirements as well as graduate program requirements. To qualify for graduate credit, students must earn a grade of B or better in these courses.
    Full Program Admission
    • For entry into 600-level MBA courses, students must have completed the eight undergraduate courses listed above and earned an undergraduate degree with a GPA of 3.00 or better.
    • After graduation, students will be notified by ODU email regarding full MBA program admission and when 600-level course registrations can begin.
  • Student Outcomes
    Students in ODU's 4 + 1 MBA program develop:
    • An understanding of moral and ethical values that will uniquely position graduates to lead organizations and individuals in socially responsible ways.
    • Career readiness and flexibility in the dynamic, competitive, global business environment.
    • The ability to think critically and creatively.
    • Experience with the latest computer software applications, including research techniques.
    • An appreciation for lifelong learning.

MBA 4 + 1 Program Alumni

Read about alumni Kevin M. McIntyre, B.S., Accounting, '12; MBA, '13, and his experience in Ohio Dominican's MBA 4+1 Program.

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