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  • The Academic Center for Excellence (ACE) 

     The Academic Center for Excellence (ACE), located outside of Spangler 207, provides general learning strategy assistance to help students approach introductory level courses, including tips for reading large amounts of text, taking better notes, organizing material, and deepening critical thinking. 

    Each ACE tutor has a content speciality, an academic subject area in which he/she can provide in depth tutorial assistance.  Please see the ACE content tutor list for tutor specialization. 

    To best address individual student needs, ACE content tutors are available by appointment. Student may choose to meet individually with a tutor, or students in the same class may arrange R.A.P. (Review with A Peer) sessions, during which a content tutor faciltiates group study sessions that meet regularly to discuss and practice course material.

      ACE Content Tutor List 

    Content tutoring by appointment   --use TutorTrac and select the ACE Center. 

      To make an appointment online, use TutorTrac. (Note: TutorTrac works better using Firefox or Chrome browsers.)
    If you have trouble with TutorTrac, or if you'd like to request an alternative meeting time, please email the tutor directly. (Find tutors by checking the current tutor list.)
    The Coordinator of ACE is Amy Spencer.

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     Current Tutor List  
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