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  • Faculty Testimonials

  •  Robert Bob Osborne  “Teaching at Ohio Dominican University allows for personal attention to the mind, heart and spirit of each student. It is a place where community service is valued. It is also important for me to work at an institution where truth is important.”
    Robert L. “Bob” Osborne, CPA, Assistant Professor of Accounting, Division of Business 
  • Anne Crimmings  “One of the major goals of a liberal arts education is to instill in students a sense of empathy – to broaden their view of the world by helping them understand that their own perspective is not necessarily shared by others.”
    Dr. Anne Crimmings, Professor of Psychology, Chair of the Division of Social & Behavioral Sciences 
  • Kim A. Browne 

    “In this day and age – and with the economy being the way it is – people need to position themselves for a successful future. ODU helps them to be better speakers, better writers and certainly better employees.”
    Judge Kim A. Browne, Franklin County Court of Common Pleas, Adjunct Professor, Adult & Continuing Education Program 

  • John Marazita 

    “I find great satisfaction when students connect with my lectures and want to learn more because they’re personally curious. After all, critical thinking is a foundation of a liberal arts education.”
    Dr. John M. Marazita, Professor of Psychology, Division of Social and Behavioral Sciences 

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