Student Loans

    Types of Loans and General Loan Information

    There are several types of loans available to Ohio Dominican students. Unless a student is in default of a previous student loan, has borrowed the maximum allowed as an undergraduate student, or has already received financial aid to cover all their costs, he/she will qualify for one or more of the loans listed below. A minimum of six credit hours of enrollment per semester is required for all loans. Students must complete the FAFSA to determine what loans they may be eligible to receive. See Apply for Financial Aid.

    Direct Subsidized

    This is a need-based loan subsidized by the federal government. The advantage of the Direct Subsidized Loan is that no interest accrues as long as a student is registered for at least six credit hours. Learn More...  

    Direct Unsubsidized

    This is a non-need based loan subsidized by the federal government. Interest begins to accrue while the student is in school. Interest payments can be made during enrollment or deferred until the loan goes into repayment. Learn More...  


    Ohio Dominican University has limited funds to award to students who show exceptional financial need and complete the FAFSA.  Interest rate is 5% and repayment begins 9 months after you leave Ohio Dominican. Learn More...  

    Parent PLUS

    Parents of dependent students may apply for this loan. Repayment on the principal and interest traditionally begins after the loan is fully disbursed, but deferment options are available. Learn More...  

    Alternative Loans

    Important information for students planning to borrow a private education loan: Because of new Federal regulations, the time that it takes to process a private education loan has increased. Lenders are now required to collect more paperwork from you. In order for your private loan to be processed on time, you must begin the application process sooner than in the past.

    For information on private education loans (alternative loans), please see the FastChoice Website .

    The lenders and loan options presented were selected for the excellent terms and benefits they provide to borrowers. Our institution has worked with these lenders in the past, and previous borrowers had positive experiences working with them.

    To determine which lenders and loan options to present, we use strict criteria based on your interests and not those of our institution. We recognize only those lenders who provide you with exceptional customer service, excellent incentives (e.g., low interest rates, no origination fees, and loan principal reductions), timely processing, and electronic funds transfer capabilities when possible.

    All of the information provided on the Loan Options page is reviewed annually to ensure that the benefits that lenders offer continue to adhere to our criteria. Any loan options that no longer adhere to our criteria are removed, and new loan options that meet our criteria are added. At least three lenders will be presented to you at all times.

    You are free to select any lender and loan option, including those not presented. If you choose a loan option that is not presented, please follow the provided instructions to complete the application process. Application processing will not be delayed unnecessarily if you choose a loan option not presented.

    We maintain professional relationships with all lenders. Our officials are prohibited from accepting financial or other benefits in exchange for displaying lenders and loan options in FASTChoice. These include: receiving compensation to serve on any lender board of directors or advisory boards; accepting gifts including trips, meals, and entertainment; allowing lenders to staff our institution's financial aid office; allowing lenders to place our institution's name or logo on any of their products; and owning lenders' stock (for those college officials who make loan decisions for our institution).

    Financial Aid Office Code of Conduct

    To review the our Code of Conduct, please see the Financial Aid Office Code of Conduct.

    Student Loan Borrower Assistance

     Straightforward information about everything from choosing a student loan to getting out of debt to avoiding default and more. http://www.studentloanborrowerassistance.org/


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