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ODU's Core Curriculum, taken by all undergraduates, is a series of courses that provide a unifying academic experience throughout each student's academic journey. 

The Core Curriculum, unique to Ohio Dominican, is a combination of four seminar courses and the general degree requirements. In the Core seminars, students draw from all of their courses to engage in thought-provoking interdisciplinary discussions, readings and experiences. 

Undergraduates take one of the seminars each year of a four-year academic career.
  • First-year Seminar: What Does it Mean to be Human?
  • Second-year Seminar: What is the Common Good?
  • Third-year Seminar: What is Justice?
  • Fourth-year Seminar: What Truths have we Learned?

By emphasizing lifelong learning, critical thinking, strong writing and ethics, the Core Curriculum provides students with a solid foundation for careers and life experiences. It is this foundation that will make students valuable and competitive in today's changing job market. 

  • The Seminars
    Students generally take one seminar a year in numeric order. The first three years incorporate and are relevant to all academic disciplines. In the fourth year, student take a capstone course in their major.

    CORE 179 reflects upon the what it means to be Human. Here’s a sample of some of the CORE 179 topics:
    • Gods, Beasts or In-Between
    • Virtue &  Vices
    • Machine vs. Human
    • Human Nature in Sport
    CORE 279 reflects upon the Common Good and asks the question: What does it mean to belong to a community?

    CORE 379 reflects upon Justice and asks the question: How shall we live?

    Both 279 and 379 courses are focused in various disciplines. Here’s an example of some of these courses:
    • BIO 279 Biological Evolution
    • ENG 279 Conflict & Community
    • SWK 279 The Politics of Aging
    • ECN Social and Economic Justice
    CORE 479 reflects on Truth and asks the question, What have we learned, and how will we continue to contemplate truth?

    The Core seminars make learning interactive, integrative and relevant. With the problem-solving and strong communication skills developed in the Core, students will be prepared for careers, professional training, graduate school and life.
  • Course Descriptions
    Freshman Core Seminar: Core 179 - What Does it Mean to be Human?

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    Sophomore Course Seminar: Core 279 - What is the Common Good?

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    Junior Core Seminar: Core 379 - What is Justice?

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    Senior Core Seminar: Core 479 - What Truths Have We Learned?

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