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Ohio Dominican University, in conjunction with ECSI, offers you the opportunity to receive your 1098-T Tuition Statement Tax Form electronically.
IRS Form 1098-T is a document issued to qualified Ohio Dominican University students and to the IRS the end of January each year. This form is for your records and should serve as a point of reference by federal tax filers to determine eligibility for American Opportunity Credit (formerly Hope Credit) and Lifetime Learning tax credits.
  • To access your electronic 1098-T form, login to the ECSI site. Note: ODU's school code is 65.
  • For additional information about 1098-T forms, visit the IRS site
  • To receive your 1098-T form electronically, you must give ODU your consent though the 1098-T Electronic Consent website (instructions below). The Opt-In period for 2014 forms is now over.
  • If you would rather receive a paper copy of your 1098-T form, simply do nothing and we will send it to you.
  • Why Receive Your 1098-T Form Electronically?
    By receiving notification electronically, you'll benefit in many ways:
    • Online delivery provides access to the form 1098-T earlier than the traditional mailing process.
    • Online delivery eliminates the chance that the 1098-T will get lost, misdirected or delayed during delivery, or misplaced once the student receives it.
    • Signing up for online delivery is easy and secure.
    • Students can receive their 1098-T form even while traveling or on away from their home address. 
  • How to Sign Up

    To give consent to receive your 1098-T form electronically, click on the link below and follow the simple instructions to sign up!

    • Visit the ECSI website
    • Sign up for Electronic Statements by entering your student ID (not SSN), Name, and Email Address (with the option to include an alternate email address). Heartland ECSI's website is a secure website and Heartland ECSI will not share your private information with anyone. This notification is strictly sent to gather your consent for receiving an electronic 1098-T Form.
    • Check the box and click submit.

    If you have any questions, click here for information regarding your tax documents and to obtain contact information for ECSI.

    The IRS states in Publication 970, "An institution may choose to report either payments received (box 1), or amounts billed (box 2), for qualified education expenses." Ohio Dominican University has decided to report the amount billed (box 2).

    Most of the confusion surrounding the amounts listed on the 1098-T is the result of combining the calendar year with the academic year; they are two separate years to the IRS and the information contained in the 1098-T relates to the calendar year. Ohio Dominican University cannot offer any tax advice.

    For further assistance please contact your tax professional or visit any of the links provided for additional information.

    Additional copies of your 1098-T form may be obtained by contacting ECSI. Login information is located at the bottom of your 1098-T form highlighted in red.

    If you do not have your PIN number you can call ECSI for a new one at (866) 428-1098. The ODU school code is 65.

    Additional information can be found on the IRS website