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Computers (1st Floor)

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Computer workstations have been incorporated into the open spaces of Spangler on the Top and Middle floors, with additional data ports available throughout the library for patrons' laptop computers with ethernet capability. When the laptops are registered with the Computer Help Desk, patrons can log onto their accounts and access the full capabilities of the campus network, as well as the Internet in general. 

The computers in the ODU Library that are available for students, staff and faculty are provided and maintained through the Computer Help Desk. Although help for minor software questions might be able to be addressed by the Library staff, maintenance and performance issues help should be requested through personally contacting the Computer Help Desk on the second floor of Spangler or by  e-mail, web form, or phone.

Much of the central ODU campus has Wi-Fi capability, which includes all of the ODU Library. To get your computer ready of Wi-Fi access, check with the Computer Help Desk or visit their Wireless FAQ online to find out how to prepare your laptop for use in Spangler.

Another important function of computers in Spangler is that of access to the Library homepage, which provides access to the Library online catalog and databases. There are seven workstations dedicated for library services access: four on the Top Floor, two on the Middle Floor, and one on the Bottom Floor in the Juvenile Literature Room


Computer Workstation in Spangler Learning Center (Juvenile)
Floorplan of Spangler Learning Cener (Bottom Floor)