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Copiers & Printers

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There is one copier near the Reference Desk on the top floor. The copier accepts dollar bills and coins. You may also use your ODU ID card to pay for your copies if you have added money to it through the Business Office. Photocopies are ten cents per page if paying with cash, or six cents per page if paying with your ODU ID card.

Change is not available from ODU Library for the copier.

LaserJet Printers
Two laserjet computer printers are located on the top floor at the far corners of the stair railings. The middle floor printers are located near the middle of the stair railings, and provide front and back printing. The cost of printing on the LaserJet printers is included in your tuition for the first 500 pages and managed via your Papercut account. Questions regarding printing, printing fees, or printers should be directed to the Computer Helpdesk.

Color Printers
The color printer is located near the laserjet computer printers on the middle floor. Prices are $.25/sheet. This is for patrons who desire color printouts from electronic sources. Charges will be deducted from your Papercut account like regular printing.


Printer in Spangler Learning Center
Floorplan of Spangler Learning Center (Top Floor)