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The ODU Library is a valuable resource offering an online catalog with a collection of over 150,000 books, videos, and DVDs, access to over 165 online and full-text research databases, and nearly 14,000 continuing subscriptions to print and electronic journal publications. Access to additional material, including digital media, is provided through the library's membership and strong reciprocal participation in the statewide academic library consortium, OhioLINK. In addition, the library maintains agreements with some national and international libraries to share materials across borders. The library's collections, along with many public-access PCs, data ports, and a wireless network, are available throughout the three floors of Spangler Learning Center 86½ hours a week year-round.

The ODU Library offers exceptional services as well. In-depth research and reference assistance, course-integrated instruction, instructional collaboration, online research tutorials and documents, workshops, orientations, and assistance with the selection of new information resources are all available for the ODU community. We strive to help patrons search effectively so that they can find the most relevant information, evaluate what they have found, and use that information effectively-in socially responsible and ethical ways. Our goal is to help our patrons learn to think critically and innovatively about research.

The ODU Library staff is an enthusiastic and committed group of professionals. Each member of the dedicated staff, with combined library experience of over 100 years, strives to meet the challenge of upholding the ODU mission by providing excellent service to the entire ODU community.

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