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For course resources and/or research strategies, choose from the courses listed on this page. If your course is not listed here, then your professor has not requested a library web page for your course. Need help? Ask a librarian. 

***Library Course Pages are moving to Angel for fall 2015! More information will be provided this summer. For questions, contact Christina Bonner, Reference & Instruction Services Coordinator.*** 

Library Course Resource Pages:

BUS 343 | BUS 345 | BUS 690 


ECN 201 

EDU 120 

ENG 342 | ENG 452 


MBA 550MBA 690 

PRS 201 | PRS 329 | PRS352 | PRS 421a | PRS 421b 

SOC 215 | SOC 255 |  SOC 279b | SOC 379b | SOC 379c 

What are Library Course Pages?

Library Course Pages include resource lists, annotated resource lists, and information literacy instructional pages. For more information, read the FAQ.

With ODU Library course pages, students have the opportunity to learn the following:

  • Key resources specific to their courses and disciplines
  • Strategies for effective information seeking and research
  • Specific research skills relevant to their courses and course assignments
  • How to use Library resources more effectively
  • How to adapt skills and knowledge needed in multiple situations

For Faculty:

Information for Faculty 


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