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In addition to the Library's 479 CORE course pages, this page of resources has been created for  BUS479 CORE: Strategic Management. Here you will quickly be able to review course information, helpful tools, and course readings.

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Course Description for BUS479

This course is the capstone learning experience for business administration,international business,finance,and accounting majors. It encourages a reflective search for truth in enterprise while focusing on how firms formulate,implement,and evaluate strategies. The course is designed to integrate student's functional business knowledge including ethical considerations though an engagement with a significant research project. The major learning challenge for students in this course will be to make and justify, through oral and written communication,subjective strategic tools. Finally, this course partners with the Career Development Center to provide students learning modules on resume preparation,etiquette,dress,and informational interviewing.

Paper and Presentation Examples

Enrichment Readings

A selection of your readings are below; please see your syllabus for additional readings.

Banham, H. (2010). External Environmental Analysis for Small and Medium Enterprises. Journal of Business and Economics Research 8,10
Fox, A. (2007). Corporate Social Responsibility Pays Off. HRMagazine.
Markides, C. (1999). A Dynamic View of Strategy. Sloan Management Review.

You can search for an article in a journal in a database simply by typing in the journal title in one search box and at least one additional piece of information in the second search box. The example below shows how to search for an article in Business Source Complete:

 Search for Harvard Business Review in Business Source Complete 

As pictured above, type in the following in the database:

  • In the first search box, enter the journal you want (e.g., Harvard Business Review) AND select SO Publication Name from the drop-down menu to tell the databases you want to search for that journal
  • In the second search box, enter at least the first part of the article title

If you have any difficulties, ask a librarian for assistance. 

Library Course Page Outcomes

According to one of the Information Literacy Competency Standards for Higher Education from the Association of College Research Libraries (ACRL), information literate students are able to access needed information effectively and efficiently and retrieve information online or in person using a variety of methods (standard 2.3.).

This course page was created to help meet the following desired outcomes of that standard, wherein the information literate student:

  • Uses various search systems to retrieve information in a variety of formats 
  • Uses various classification schemes and other systems to locate information resources within the library or to identify specific sites for physical explorations 
  • Uses specialized online or in-person services available at the institution to retrieve information needed 

Readings, documents, and links above determined in consultation with faculty. Any questions? Please contact your professor or ask a librarian
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