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book-small  Welcome, Education students, to the Library’s web page for EDU 120. You will find a variety of resources that you can use to further your enjoyment of children’s and young adult literature in grades K-12. If you have any questions, you can ask a librarian or ask your professor.

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Course Page Description

This course page is designed to introduce you to the children’s and young adult literature in the ODU Library collection. You will learn where these materials are located, and how this literature is organized and shelved in the library so that you can easily find materials. This course page is designed also to familiarize you with how to conduct catalog searches and read catalog records to find K-12 children’s and young adult literature from picture books to fiction and nonfiction books to related literary videos. Finally, you will learn how to find thematic and age-appropriate books, and award-winning children’s books.

Juvenile Materials Room

  • Location: The Juvenile Materials room is located on the bottom (3 rd) floor of the Spangler Learning Center (view map).
  • Checkout: All Juvenile items can be checked out at the Library’s Circulation Desk on the top floor of Spangler (view loan policies).
  • Organization: The Juvenile Materials room is organized into four sections, as shown in the chart below.
Section in Juvenile Materials Room Label on the Item How Items are Organized on Shelves
Juvenile Picture Books


Alphabetical by author’s last name
Juvenile Fiction


Alphabetical by author’s last name
Juvenile NonFiction


Numbered using Dewey Decimal system, 000-999
Juvenile Audiovisuals        


Numbered using Dewey Decimal system, 000-999

Search for Juvenile Literature

It’s easy to search for juvenile literature in the ODU Library Catalog. Just follow the steps shown below.

 Searching for Juvenile Literature on a Topic:

  1. Select BOOKS & MORE from the ODU Library homepage.
  2. Click on the ADVANCED SEARCH button, as shown in the screen image below.
  3. Type in your keywords in the search box.
  4. LIMIT YOUR SEARCH by using the LOCATION pull-down menu to limit your search to JUVENILE MATERIALS
  5. Click the Submit button.



Note: Your search results will include both juvenile literature and audiovisuals.

Searching for a Specific Author or Title:

  1. Select BOOKS & MORE from the ODU Library homepage.
  2. Select either a TITLE search or an AUTHOR search from the drop-down menu.
  3. Enter the book’s title or author’s last name, and then click the “Go” button.


Finding Children’s Literature in ODU Library:

To find a juvenile book or audiovisual item on the shelves in the Juvenile Materials room, you will need to know how to read a catalog record. See the example below to understand what information you’ll need to find your item.
  1. Look at the LOCATION of the book to determine in which of the four sections of the Juvenile Materials Room the item can be found. In the following example, the book is located in the Juvenile Fiction section.
  2. Make note of the CALL NUMBER or author’s last name so that you can find the item in the correct location. In the example below, the book can be found by the author’s last name. If you were looking for a juvenile audiovisual or juvenile nonfiction book, the call number would be a number.
  3. Check the STATUS field to make sure the item is AVAILABLE.


Thematic and Age-appropriate Books

The reference section of many college, public, and school libraries include bibliographies of thematic and age-appropriate books for children and young adults. Following are examples from the ODU Library Reference collection of bibliographies about children’s books.

By Topic & Age:

Search Tip: To search for books that specify a reading level or age level in the ODU Library Catalog, just add AND LEVEL to your search and scan for the age or reading level you need from among the books in your results. Sample search: cats and level.

By Culture & Era:

To find books by topic and age group, you may have to check the index at the back of the book and use the legend given for identifying the age group for whom the book is appropriate. Other bibliographies will have chapter entries and after the title will specify the age group for whom the book is intended.

Award Winners and Honor Books

Finding Award-winning and Honor Books via the ODU Library Catalog:

The world of children’s and young adult's literature abounds with award-winning books and honorable mentions. The ODU Library’s Juvenile Materials collection contains many of those, a sampling of which is described below. Click on the award name to access the award-winning titles that ODU Library has in its collection.

To connect Caldecott titltes to the Common Core State Standards, read the recent article by Cyndi Giorgis, "Caldecott in the Classroom," in Book Links 9 (September 2012): 4-9. Book Links is a supplement to Booklist and available in the library on the shelves with Booklist.

For more information about each award, view the library's young adult literature award descriptions.

Finding Award-winning Literature via Quality Web Sites:

For a comprehensive list of the names of all award-winning titles for these children’s literary awards, see the websites listed below.

Be sure to search the OhioLINK Library Catalog to request any award-winning books that are not available in the ODU Library.

Book Reviews 

There are two major types of resources you can use to find reviews of children’s books at the ODU Library – print periodicals and online research databases.

Reviews in Periodiocals in the Library:

Periodicals, typically journals and magazines, found in the ODU Library and in school and public libraries often contain book reviews of children's literature. Examples include the following:

Reviews in Periodicals online in the Library Databases:

Key library databases for journals that contain book reviews on children's and young adult literature include the following. Search strategies are provided below:

  • Literary Index  
    • Search by AUTHOR'S LAST NAME 
    • From your list of results, look for TITLES with the word “REVIEW” in them (e.g., Children’s Literature Review).
    • Once you’ve found a “REVIEW” title, search the ODU Library Catalog for the item, checking to make sure the correct volume is available.  
  • Education Research Complete & Academic Search Complete  
    • Enter AUTHOR'S LAST NAME, followed by FIRST NAME in search window & Select "AU Author" from the adjacent drop-down menu.
    • Limit your results:  Under "Document Type" in the left-side navigation menu, select “Book Review” from the menu.
    • Scan the results for reviews.
  • Literary Reference Center
    • Enter AUTHOR'S FIRST and LAST NAME  in the search box
    • Limit your results: Under "Document Types," uncheck all boxes except REVIEWS.
    • Scan the results for reviews of books by the author specified.

More Resources

For more resources on children’s literature, view the Children's Literature Research Guide.

Library Course Page Outcomes

According to one of the Information Literacy Competency Standards for Higher Education from the Association of College Research Libraries (ACRL), information literate students are able to access needed information effectively and efficiently and retrieve information online or in person using a variety of methods (2.3.). 

This course page was created to help meet the following desired outcomes of that standard, wherein the information literate student: 

  • Uses various search systems to retrieve information in a variety of formats
  • Uses various classification schemes and other systems to locate information resources within the library or to identify specific sites for physical exploration
  • Uses specialized online or in-person services available at the institution to retrieve information needed

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