SOC379c: Causes of Collective Violence

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Databases for Scholarly Research

Global Nonviolent Action Database  For case studies of nonviolent action. Search by country, issue, method, or year. A project of Swarthmore College.
JSTOR Arts & Sciences  For social, cultural, psychological, philosophical, and political factors in conflict and violence.
PsycINFO  For psychological impact of global, social, and interpersonal conflict and violence.
SocIndex      Social, political, and policy factors of global and social conflict and violence.
CIAO     Social, political, and policy factors of global and social conflict and violence. Includes policy briefs and country reports.
Peace Research Abstracts  Covers essential areas related to peace research, including conflict resolution, international affairs, & peace psychology.
Political Science Complete 

Covers topics such as law and legislation, comparative politics, political theory, international relations, humanitarian issues, and non-governmental organizations.

World Political Science Abstracts  Social, political, and policy factors of global and social conflict and violence.

Reference Works

Reference works may be intended for a general audience or for a scholarly audience within a specific discipline. It is recommended that you read the preface or introduction to a work to help determine what kind of information, as well as the authority and knowledge of the contributing authors, you can expect to find.  

E-Reference Works (full text online)

A. World History

B. Military History, War, and Global Conflict

C. Peace, Violence, and Social Conflict

D. Country-Related Information

E. Human Rights

F. Additional Possibilities

Browse additional works dealing with some of the factors associated with conflict, violence, and resolution. Click on the links below to browse through additional works listed in the ODU Library Catalog:

Reference Collection (in the Library)

A. Reference Works Related to Peace, Violence, & Social Conflict

B. Reference Works Related to Specific Wars

You can search in the ODU Library Catalog for additional encyclopedias.

Need help searching? Review the tips from the library course pages for the freshman core curriculum seminar. 

Internet Sites for Additional Information

Visit the web sites listed below for additional information, reviews, policies, and data.

Statistics & Demographics

Ethnicity and/or Conflict in Specific Countries or Regions

U.S. Government Sites

Informational & Memorial Sites

Additional Sites

Search for Books

Search for books on specific countries or events in the ODU Library Catalog and the OhioLINK Library Catalog (help).
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