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This Library page has been commissioned by the Ohio Dominican University Academic Assessment Committee (AAC) and is designed to provide you with links to resources on assessment and accreditation, including the new Open Pathway accreditation model. 

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Open Pathway Accreditation Process

ODU is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission (HLC) of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools. For the next reaccreditation review, ODU is transitioning to the HLC's new Open Pathway accreditation model, which involves an Assurance Process and a Quality Initiative process, operating within a ten-year cycle.  Below you will find resources from the HLC, presentations on the Open Pathway, and university project site samples.


Higher Learning Commission Resources 

Presentations on the Open Pathway Model

What is Open Pathway?

  • “One Accreditation, Multiple Pathways to Reaffirmation” [Introduction to all Pathways], by HLC staff. HLC Annual Conference. 2 April 2012. Audio file and PowerPoint Slides available.
  • “Transitions and Their Impact: What’s Different, What’s the Same,” by HLC staff. HLC Annual Conference. 2 April 2012. Audio file available.
  • "The Quality Initiative: What, How, When, Who, and Really," by P. Holloway. HLC Annual Conference. 8 April 2013. Slides available.
  • ”Pathways: Transition to the Open Pathway,” by A. Lootens‐White. HLC Annual Conference. 2 April 2012. Slides available.
  • "Preparing for the Comprehensive Review: Open and Standard Pathways," by A. Lootens-White and K. Solomon. HLC Annual Conference. 6 April 2013. Slides available.
  • "The Open Pathway: The Assurance Process and Review," by A. Lootens-White/ HLC Annual Conference. 6 April 2013. Slides available.
  • “The Assurance Process and System,” by A. Lootens-White. HLC Annual Conference. 2 April 2012. Slides available.
  • "The Assurance Review for the Open and Standard Pathways," by A. Lootens-White. HLC Annual Conference. 6 April 2013. Slides available.

Presentations of Open Pathway Examples

  • "Graduation Partnership: Witchita State University's Student Success Plan," by E. Bernsdorff, et al.  HLC Annual Conference. 6 April 2013. Slides available.
  • "Informed Improvement: Empowering a Culture of Evidence-Based Decision-Making Dedicated to Advancing Student Success," by B. Dille, M. Wawrner, and C Jacobsen. HLC Annual Conference 6 April 2013. Slides available.
  • “HLC's Open Pathway: Changing the Culture of Assessment and Accreditation—A Pioneer’s Tale. Metropolitan Community College,” by C.S. Proctor, and S. Quinton. Annual Regional Community College Assessment Conference: Building Blocks of Success. 20 April 2012. Kansas City, MO. Slides available.

Examples of Open Pathway Project Sites 


Books and Ebooks on Assessment and Accreditation

Higher Education Assessment: Accreditation:
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Databases for Assessment Research

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Select Periodicals for Assessment Research 

Periodicals with an Assessment Focus

Higher Education Periodicals that Include Assessment Research

Web Sites

Assessment Planning, Standards, and Tools: A Selection

Assessment Rubrics

Associations and Organizations

Events and Conferences


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