Children's Literature Research Guide

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This guide will point you to many of the library's resources in children's literature and will link you to additional resources. If you need help with your research ask a librarian. 


Search library databases for journal, magazine, and newspaper articles, case studies, editorials, reports, reviews, and other documents. The following databases are recommended for research in children's literature.

To select the database(s) most suited to your needs, click on DatabaseInfoIcon for more information about each database.

Most Frequently Used Databases in Children's Literature Research:

Additional databases are available from our Databases for English.
Or select other databases from all database options.

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Help Using the Databases

Additional database guides and tutorials are available. 


Select from the following works to find awards, dictionaries, in depth activities, and more: 

Select Books in the Library's Reference and Curriculum Stacks

Where to Browse in the Library

Print materials can be found in the following locations in the Library:  

  • Reference Stacks  
  • Juvenile Materials  
  • Curriculum Stacks 

Reference Online

Books and Ebooks

Library Catalogs

Where to Browse in the Library

Books and other materials can be found in ODU Library's Reference Stacks, Reference Atlases, and Main Stacks in the following ranges of the Dewey Decimal System 


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Web Sites

Visit the following sites for authoritative information on book authors, awards, publishers, and more:

Author Sites 

Book Awards

Children's Book Publishers

For more children's book publishers:

Children's Literature Sites

Professional Organizations for School Librarians and Teachers

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