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This guide will point you to many of the library's resources in public administration and will link you to additional resources. If you need help with your research ask a librarian. 




Search library databases for journal, magazine, and newspaper articles, case studies, editorials, reports, reviews, and other documents.  The following databases are the most frequently used for research in theology. (Click on DatabaseInfoIcon to read more information.)  

Additional databases are available. for Business, Communication, Criminal Justice (includes law and government),

Or choose other databases from the Library's Databases page

Help Using the Databases 

Public Administration Reference - Select Works

Where to Browse in the Library

Print materials can be found in ODU Library's Reference Collection (and in the Main Stacks) in the following ranges of the Dewey Decimal System: 320s and 350s. 

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Associations - Public Administration

Budgeting and Financial Management


Ethics and Social Responsiblity




Policies and Issues

Public Budgeting and Finance

Statistics and Demographics

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