Off-campus Access 

If you are having trouble with off-campus access to online library resources, simply follow these steps:

  1. Choose the ODU Library resource you want to search. 
  2. Read the on-screen instructions and log-in.
    On the Off-Campus Access Log-in screen type: 
                        your last name 
                        the last 7-digits of your ODU ID number * 
  3. Contact us for additional assistance.
    By email or by telephone at (614) 251-4752. 

You may also choose to log-in here for immediate off-campus access. 

If you receive an error when logging in, one of the following reasons may apply:

  • You are using your ODU username instead of your Last Name.
  • You are using a 6 digit ID number without adding a 0 (zero) first.
  • You are not currently registered for classes.
  • Your Library Account has been suspended for exceeding $60.00 in fines/fees.

* Don't have your 7-digit ID number?
Check the following locations:

  • Your ODU ID card 
  • Your printed class schedule

Most ODU ID numbers begin with the digit 0 (zero). If you were given a six digit number like 123456, try adding a zero to the beginning (e.g. 0123456) when logging in. In this example the number printed on the front of your ODU ID card will look like 000123456.


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