Periodicals Collection

Periodicals are current and back issues of journals, magazines, newspapers, microforms, and indexes. The ODU Library's Periodicals Collection, primarily located on the top floor of Spangler Learning Center, is arranged alphabetically by title, and each title is arranged chronologically by volume or year starting with the earliest.

Periodical Stacks in Spangler Learning Center (for Menu)   Search for a Periodical in the ODU Library Catalog . 

Browse our Periodicals Collection alphabetically by title or by area of study.

Electronic Periodicals

The library has access to 10,000+ electronic periodicals and many of our print subscriptions include electronic access as well. To find an electronic periodical, you can search by title in the ODU Library Catalog. 

EBSCO A-to-Z for OhioLINK (formerly OhioLINK's Electronic Journal Finder)
Find a journal online and link to the full text of articles through selected OhioLINK, EBSCOhost, or LexisNexis online research databases.

OhioLINK's Electronic Journal Center
In the EJC, you can search for full-text articles or browse journals by title or subject.

Scholarly vs. Popular Journals
Use this information to determine if an article is from a scholarly or popular journal. 

  Scholarly Popular
Documentation Bibliographies, footnotes, or other references are always included None
Authors Experts, scholars, and researchers; always named along with their institutional affiliation Staffwriters, generalists; may be anonymous
Peer-reviewed* Articles may be peer-reviewed or refereed. See below* Articles are not peer-reviewed
Publisher Usually, a university or an association Commercial Firm
Article type Long research articles with abstracts, tables, graphs, charts, and summariesScholarly readers, such as professors, researchers, students Short 1-2 pages, non-technical articles with photos and graphs
Audience Scholarly readers, such as professors, researchers, students General readers
Writing Style Formal, scholarly Informal, written to entertain and inform general audience
Journal Title Journal titles may include terms such as “review,” “bulletin,” or “journal.” Magazine titles lack such “designating” terms
Appearance Plain Colorful, illustrated
Publication Frequency Issues tend to be published less often (monthly, quarterly, semi-annually) Issues tend to be published more frequently (daily, weekly, monthly)
Page Numbering Issues tend to be successively numbered Each issue tends to begin with page 1
 Advertising  No ads or ads for books or other scholarly tools Ads for business or consumer products
 Illustrations  Illustrations support text  Often illustrated for marketing appeal
Examples  Journal of Abnormal Psychology, Modern Fiction Studies, JAMA: The Journal of the American Medical Association Psychology Today, Newsweek, Sports Illustrated

 * Peer-reviewed indicates that the article was submitted to a panel of scholars/experts within the field and critiqued for accuracy and content prior to its approval for publication.

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