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Dictionaries and Thesauri

English: Library & Information Science: Additional Dictionaries:
American Heritage Dictionary  ODLIS  Dictionary of the History of Ideas (U of Virginia Library) 
The Free Dictionary  SafariTechBooks* Mathwords: Terms & Formulas 
Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary  TechEncyclopedia (Techweb) OneLook Dictionary Search 
Oxford English Dictionary  Webopedia (skip ad) Additional online dictionaries 
Wordsmyth Dictionary-Thesaurus     

Acronyms and Abbreviations

Start Here Additional Resources 
Abbreviations.com     Journal Abbreviations 
Acronym Finder     PubMed Journal Search (medical journals) 
Acronyms, Initialisms, & Abbreviations Dictionary*  Wiley Online Library (Search Publications) 
NetLingo: Acronyms & Text Messaging  Sharpened Glossary: Email, Online Chat, & Text Messaging Acronyms 
  yourDictionary: Abbreviations & Acronyms 

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Martindale's The Reference Desk  Etexts - Literature Reference Online 
OhioLINK Electronic books Center: Dictionaries  Etexts - Theology Reference Online 

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