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Quick Government Info Search

FedStats  HealthCare.gov  USA.Gov  U.S. GAO 

Federal Information

U.S. Federal Government  Congress 
U.S. Dept. of State  House of Representatives 
U.S. Courts  Senate 
  The White House 

Nationwide--State and Local Resources

National Assn. of Counties   State Agency Databases (GODORT) 
State & Local Government on the Net  State & Local Agencies & Offices by Topic 

Ohio Sites

Ohio Development Services Agency  Ohio.gov 
Ohio Secretary of State  GovEngine.com: Ohio 
The Ohio Statehouse  State Library of Ohio 
 The Supreme Court of Ohio & the Ohio Judicial System  Ohio Emergency Assistance Toolbox (State Library of Ohio)


American Law Sources Online  LexisNexis: Legal Citation Formats 
Congress.gov (Thomas.gov)  LexisNexis: Legal Research Help 
FindLaw   LLRX: Legal & Technology Articles & Resources 
HG.org: Legal Resources  Ohio Law & You (Ohio Bar Association)
Just the Law Links  State Legislatures 
Laws and Regulations (USA.gov) U.S. Code 
Legal Information Institute (Cornell)  U.S. Supreme Court Decisions (ALSO) 
LexisNexis Academic*  Legal Resources Research Guide (Ohio University)

Help Finding Gov't & Legal Information & Resources

Ask a Librarian  GPO Monthly Catalog* 
For Businesses & Nonprofits  Moritz Law Library Research Guides (OSU) 
Guide to Law Online (Law Library of Congress)  US Law & Legal Research (Cornell) 
"Hidden in Plain Sight" (OMB Watch Report)  USA Services National Contact Center  

Elections: The Informed Voter

Franklin Country Board of Elections  Annenberg Political Fact Check 
Ohio Secretary of State: Elections & Ballot Issues  On the Issues: Research Leaders & Candidates 
Federal Election Commission  Open Secrets: Center for Responsive Politics 
GovTrack  Project VoteSmart: Research the Candidates 
Voting and Elections Information (USA.gov)   

Government Info Portals, from U.S. Depository Libraries

Government Documents (Ohio University Libraries)  Getting started with Federal Resources (Doane Library-Denison)
Government, Politics & Law (University of Michigan)  US Gov't Resources (Cleveland State U Law Library)
Government Information (College of Wooster Libraries)   

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