Quick Reference: Literature Online

Select from the online reference resources available below, or ask a librarian for assistance. For more resources, view the library's Literature Research Guides.

Primary Literature Online

Literature Collections of Multiple Authors

E-book Collections  The Internet Classics Archive (MIT)
Annenbog Invitation to World Literature  Perseus- Greek & Roman Materials (in translation)
Electronic Poetry Portal (Emory University)  Project Gutenberg*
The Harvard Classics & The Shelf of Fiction (Index to Primary Authors)   

Collected works by single authors

Complete Works of Ralph Waldo Emerson, centenary ed. (U of Michigan) The Jack London Online Collection (Sonoma State U Library)
The Complete Works of Shakespeare (Oxford, 1914) Uncle Tom's Cabin & American Culture: A Multi-media Archive 
Editions & Adaptations of Shakespeare   
Open Source Shakespeare (1864 Globe ed., with concordance)  

*Project Gutenberg also links to Wikipedia, which is a resource that ODU Library Reference & Instruction Services does not recommend for academic use.

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