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Primary Literature Online

Literature Collections of Multiple Authors: Collected Works by Single Author:
American and English Literature Collection*  Complete Works of Ralph Waldo Emerson, centenary ed. (U of Michigan) 
E-book Collections  The Complete Works of Shakespeare (Oxford, 1914) 
Electronic Literature Collection  Editions & Adaptations of Shakespeare* 
Electronic Poetry Portal (Emory University)  Open Source Shakespeare (1864 Globe ed., with concordance) 
The Harvard Classics & The Shelf of Fiction (Index to Primary Authors)  The Jack London Online Collection (Sonoma State U Library) 
The Internet Classics Archive (MIT)  Uncle Tom's Cabin & American Culture: A Multi-media Archive 
The Modern English Collection (1500-present) (U of Virginia Library)  William Butler Yeats Collection* 
Perseus- Greek & Roman Materials (in translation)   
Project Gutenberg   




*Library databases restricted to ODU community.†Project Gutenberg also links to Wikipedia, which is a resource that ODU Library Reference & Instruction Services does not recommend for academic use.

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