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Postal Information

Quick Links to Postal Information:
USPS Abbreviations  USPS: Look Up a Zipcode 
UPS Shipping & Tracking   

Telephone Directories

Start Here: Additional Resources:
Anywho Online Directory (AT&T)  InfoBel World (international) 
InfoSpace  Yahoo Local Yellow Pages   

Time and Date

ODU Library Calendar and Spangler Building Hours 

Quick Links to Time: Calendars:*
Greenwich Mean Time  The Calendar Zone 
The Official U.S. Time   Chamber's Book of Days (1879) 
Time and Date  Liturgical Year (Vatican) 
World Time Zone  VP Calendar  

*See also Butler's Lives of the Saints in ODU Library.

Traffic and Weather

Weather: Roads:
Accuweather      Greater Columbus Roads 
National Weather Service  National Traffic and Road Closure Information 
Weather Underground  ODOT Construction 
School Closings (WBNS)  Traffic - Greater Columbus  (610 WTVN) 
Weather Conversion Calculators   

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