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Select from the online reference resources available from this page, or ask a librarian for assistance.

For more resources, view the library's Theology Research Guide or see the book Biblical Studies on the Internet.

Scripture Online

All-in-One: Bible Versions & Translations  New American Bible (with concordance, Vatican)
Blue Letter Bible (with Strong's & other study tools) Parallel Bible (from BibleStudyTools)
Catholic Information Network: Online Bibles  Revised Standard Version - Catholic (EWTN)
Interlinear Bible (from BibleStudyTools) The Tanakh (Torrah) (English translation)
Nave's Topical Bible (KJV) The Unbound Bible (multiple languages & parallels)
  Additional Resources (St. Paul Center)

Online Documents in Theology

Church and Related Documents

Catechism of the Catholic Church (Vatican) Catholic Resources for Bible, Liturgy, & More (Felix Just, S.J., Ph.D.)
Code of Canon Law (Vatican) Christian Classics Ethereal Library (CCEL) - for "classic Christian writings"
Documents of the II Vatican Council (Vatican) The Fathers of the Church & their Documents (New Advent)
Early Church Fathers (CCEL) Greek and Roman Materials (Perseus Digital Library)
The Holy Father- Papal Documents (Vatican) Jewish Classic Texts (ODU Theology Research Guide - scroll to Judaism)
Nazereth master Catechism: 5 historic catechisms   New Testament Gateway: Directory of Resources 
The Roman Curia (Vatican)  Project Gutenberg*
Summa Theologica (CCEL)  

 Theology Reference Online

Catholic Reference Resources

Biblia Clerus (Vatican) Resources for Catholic Educators 
Catholic Answers  Saints and Blessed (Vatican)
The Catholic Church in the World: Dioceses   Theology Library (Spring Hill College)
The Catholic Encyclopedia (1913 ed., with updates)   U.S. Catholic Bishops & Dioceses (USCCB)
Catholic Internet Directories (Spring Hill)  USCCCB Publishing 
Modern Catholic Dictionary (1999, Fr. John A. Hardon, S.J.)  

 Additional Resources

Bible Geocoding: Locations of Places Mentioned in the Bible (uses ESV) Lands of the Bible (1880)
Bible Maps  National Library of Israel Digital Collections 
Biblical Art on the WWW  New Schaff-Herzog Encyclopedia of Religious Knowledge (1954)
Concise Oxford Dictionary of the Christian Church  Online Christian Library: Virtual Theological Resources 
Electronic New Testament Educational Resources (Felix Just, S.J., Ph.D.) New Testament Gateway: Directory of Resources (Mark Goodacre, PhD)
Greek Dictionary (Lexicon-Condordance) (Search by Strong's) Online Reading Rooms: Biblical-Theological Resources 
The International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915, Eerdmans) Resources for Biblical Studies (torreys.org)

*Project Gutenberg also links to Wikipedia, which is a resource that ODU Library Reference & Instruction Services does not recommend for academic use.
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