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Scripture Online

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New American Bible (with concordance, Vatican)  All-in-One: Bible Versions & Translations 
Catholic Information Network: Online Bibles  Blue Letter Bible (with Strong's & other study tools)
 Synoptic Parallels of the 4 Canonical Gospels (RSV) (University of Toronto)  Interlinear Bible (Greek, Hebrew)
 Revised Standard Version - Catholic (EWTN)  Nave's Topical Bible (KJV)
The Tanakh (Torrah) (English translation) Parallel Bible 
  The Unbound Bible (multiple languages & parallels)
  Additional Resources (St. Paul Center) 

Online Documents in Theology

Online Documents: Sites for Additional Documents:
Catechism of the Catholic Church (Vatican)   Catholic Resources for Bible, Liturgy, & More (Felix Just, S.J., Ph.D.) 
Code of Canon Law (Vatican)  Christian Classics Ethereal Library (CCEL) -  for "classic Christian writings"
Documents of the II Vatican Council (Vatican)  The Fathers of the Church & their Documents (New Advent) 
Early Church Fathers (CCEL)  Greek and Roman Materials (Perseus Digital Library) 
The Holy Father- Papal Documents (Vatican)  Jewish Classic Texts (ODU Theology Research Guide - scroll to Judaism)
Nazereth master Catechism: 5 historic catechisms   New Testament Gateway: Directory of Resources 
The Roman Curia (Vatican)   Project on Ancient Cultural Engagement (PACE) - includes works by Josephus 
Summa Theologica (CCEL)  Project Gutenberg*

Theology Reference Online


Catholic Resources: Additional Resources:
Biblia Clerus (Vatican) Blue Letter Bible 
The Catholic Church in the World: Dioceses  Bible Geocoding: Locations of Places Mentioned in the Bible (uses ESV) 
The Catholic Encyclopedia (1913 ed., with updates)  Bible Maps 
Catholic Internet Directories (Spring Hill) Biblical Art on the WWW 
Map of the Roman Dioceses in the United States  Concise Oxford Dictionary of the Christian Church
Modern Catholic Dictionary (1999, Fr. John A. Hardon, S.J.)  Electronic New Testament Educational Resources (Felix Just, S.J., Ph.D.) 
Resources for Catholic Educators  Greek Dictionary (Lexicon-Condordance) (Search by Strong's)
Saints and Blessed (Vatican)  The International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915, Eerdmans) 
Theology Library (Spring Hill College) Lands of the Bible (1880)
U.S. Catholic Bishops & Dioceses (USCCB)  National Library of Israel Digital Collections 
USCCB Publishing  New Schaff-Herzog Encyclopedia of Religious Knowledge (1954) 
  Online Christian Library: Virtual Theological Resources  
  New Testament Gateway: Directory of Resources (Mark Goodacre, PhD) 
  Online Reading Rooms: Biblical-Theological Resources 
  Resources for Biblical Studies (


Journal Articles & Electronic Journals in Theology

Search for Journal Articles: Search for E-Journals:
Articles in Databases--Theology  EBSCO A-to-Z for OhioLINK (formerly OhioLINK's Electronic Journal Finder) 
Directory of Open Access Jounals-- Search   Directory of Open Access Jounals--Browse Journals 
Google Theological Journals Custom Search (by S.J. Shelton)   Free Theological Jounals on the Web(ATLA)

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