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  • Tutoring Services

    Tutoring services in math, writing, and specific course content are available through the Academic Resource Center, located on the middle floor of Spangler Learning Center. Click on the name of each sub-center below for specifics about services offered. 

    Be sure to prepare for your visit.

    ACE / Learning Strategy & Content Tutoring  

      The Academic Center for Excellence (ACE) is located outside of Spangler 207.  Please see the Content Tutor List for tutor specializations.  

    Math Lab:

    The Math Lab is located in Spangler Learning Center, Room 206A. Please see the current schedule for tutor specializations.  

    Writing Assistance:

    The Write Place is located in Spangler Learning Center, Room 206B. Please see the current schedule for hours and tutors. 

    Online Resources:

    Helpful Weblinks are available 24/7: Business links, Humanities links, Science links , Grad School Prep 

    Learning Strategy Assistance:

    To learn effective study and reading strategies for any course, search "Learning Strategy" on TutorTrac attend a workshop, or contact spencera@ohiodominican.edu 

    You may also choose to stop by the Academic Center for Excellence (ACE), where a consultant can help you approach your study task most effectively.  Services provided by the Academic Resource Center include:

    Content tutoring - ACE- Write place - test preparation - review with a peer - academic coaching - academic clinics

     For more information about the Academic Resource Center's support of scholarly achievement visit their website