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  • Academic Assessment Report


    accomplishments for the year:

    1. Presentations/Updates/Training 
      • Full Faculty Reporting Out on HLC A
      • Focus Group Sessions X 2 
      • PA Program Coordinator Training ODU & Assessment 
    2. Program Assessment Survey  
      • PAS 2011 out to faculty October 2011 
      • PAS Submissions Fall 2011:
        1. 28 Programs submitted complete reports
        2. 2 Programs submitted partial reports (missing the PAS but submitted outcomes and mission statements)
        3. 6 Programs failed to submit reports with 2 follow-up reminders
      • Analysis of results Jan 2012 with summary included in HLC AA repor
      • 3 year analysis of progress in assessment using Fall 2009, 2010, 2011 submission
        1. Trends show movement across the discipline
        2. Outcomes and course matrices submitted with 2011 PAS were overall stron
        3. Development needs now appear to be identifying outcomes measures and closing the loo
        4. Feedback given to 14 programs face to face.  
    3. Focus Groups 
      • Psychology, Sport Management, Peace and Social Justice, Public Relations, History, Criminal Justice, Political Science, Sociology programs in this years’ focus group. 
      • Sport Management moved to the 2013-2014 academic year 
      • All other programs completed the PAS and attended two sessions on Academic Assessment at the program level
      • All utilizing committee developed Poster Format for report out in Fall 2012
      • Poster Previews due May 25, 2012. 
    4. Library Page for Assessment
      • In progress  
      • Roxanne Beard and Christina Bonner working on this 
      • Content should be moved to webpage when constructed  
    5. Higher Learning Commission Assessment Academy 
      • Report for fall 2011 work posted in February 2012
      • Mentor response positive with recommendations for work as we wrap up our academy commitment discussed in committee. (See attached and committee minutes). 
      • ODU final report and next steps due to be presented in either November 2011 or Spring 2012. 
    6. Academic Assessment Committee Webpage 
      • Outline content areas completed (draft hard copy)
      • Met with Fred Lassiter 
      • No real movement forward 

    Projected Work 2012-2013

    1. Develop final report on 3 year academy experience and next steps 
    2. Final Update due October 3, 2012 
    3. Team to HLC AA final meeting in November 2012 or June 2013 (decision due ASAP) 
    4. Work with Deans/Chairs to develop accountability for assessment (particularly for those programs not completing PAS) 
    5. 2012-2013 Focus Group Sessions Scheduled
      • MA Liberal Studies 
      • Philosophy 
      • Social Work 
      • Spanish 
      • Theology 
      • MA Theology 
      • English/AYA 
      • Campus & Youth Ministry 
    6. 2011-2012 Focus Group Poster Session 
    7. Distribute PAS, Summarize Results and Report Out 
    8. Develop framework for General Education Assessment  
    9. Continue one on one work with programs that require more support 
    10. Assessment  Website Development Completed and “Live” 
    11. Review NSSE Results and look for opportunities for linkage to program outcomes