Ohio Dominican University

Our Mission

As a Catholic liberal arts university in the Dominican tradition, Ohio Dominican University is guided in its educational mission by the Dominican motto: to contemplate truth and to share with others the fruits of this contemplation. Ohio Dominican educates individuals committed to intellectual, spiritual and professional growth, who develop into lifelong learners, serving others in a global society. They in turn become ethical and effective leaders grounded in the pursuit of truth, justice and peace.

Catholic & Dominican Traditions

Ohio Dominican University is Roman Catholic, founded by the Dominican Sisters of St. Mary of the Springs.


The Center for Dominican Studies

The Center is a resource for Dominican education and the University's mission and values.


Our History

ODU has a rich history, notable alumni and significant milestones since its founding in 1911.



WOSU's Columbus Neighborhoods: History of Ohio Dominican

The Catholic intellectual tradition is inclusive and promotes a rigorous academic life that develops the whole person. We strive to instill a greater purpose for the individual, the community and the world.

Learn more about our university's founding and our connection to the Catholic Dominican faith in the video below as WOSU's Columbus Neighborhoods explores the history of Ohio Dominican University, originally founded in 1911 as College of St. Mary of the Springs by the Dominican Sisters of Peace.

Peace & Justice

Ohio Dominican University is committed to promoting peace and justice in the world by acting justly ourselves and by educating students to become ethical and effective leaders in the global society, grounded in the pursuit of truth, justice and peace.

Supportive of the Millennium Development Goals, Ohio Dominican provides programs and activities that engage the community in opportunities of furthering this agenda.

Some programs that show this vision include:

  • The Core Curriculum, taken by all students, explores important questions such as what is the human person, how do we fit together in society, what is justice, and what is truth.
  • Campus Ministries sponsors a wide variety of opportunities for students to serve the needy in the the Columbus area, as well as service trips during school break to work around the country and the world helping others.
  • Students work collaboratively with other universities that have a Dominican presence throughout the United States in the Preaching in Action Conference. This conference offers a chance to learn how to promote justice through preaching.
  • Sustainability and justice concerns help to drive our everyday and long-range goals, which can be seen by our newest buildings earning Gold Award for sustainable architecture.