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    Course Descriptions 


    ASL 110 Elementary American Sign Language I

    3 credits
    An introduction to both the expressive and receptive nature of American Sign Language, a visual language that consists of hand sign, body language and facial expressions as well as a manual alphabet. Topics include the vocabulary and grammatical structure of ASL, deaf culture and the history of sign language.

    ASL 111 Elementary American Sign Language II

    3 credits
    Continuation of ASL 110. Further development of vocabulary and sentence structures of American Sign Language (ASL). Focus on the expressive and receptive skills that are needed to be able to sign with fluency. Continued study of deaf culture. Prerequisite: ASL 110. Fulfills Language requirement.

    ASL 1/2/3/485 Special Topics

    1-3 credits
    Concentrated study in a particular area of American Sign Language. Prerequisite: Consent of instructor.

    ASL 2/3/486 Independent Study

    1-3 credits
    Intensive individual work in American Sign Language. Prerequisites: Consent of instructor, academic advisor, division chairperson.